Tape London

132nd in Nightlife
11th in London

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20 November 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening in this view. Prior to attending I already pre judged the atmosphere and people and I can honestly say I left feeling the complete opposite to what I thought I would feel. Which is a big positive.

20 November 2018

It's a really nice club with a really friendly staff and a really nice vibe. Has a lot of famous artists around the world that comes to perform, even without them the ambiance is really nice. The only problem is that it is a bit overpriced, but of course it's on purpose because they don't want anyone to enter the club only good people (upper class) that likes to party wild and well. Appart from that everything is perfect there.

10 August 2018

Excellent pricing affordable for students would recommend to anyone of any age. Great laugh with friends and all staff are friendly and welcoming

22 June 2018

Fun nights out at tape. Lots of nice people. Great vibs. Cool decor. Good music. Interesting entertainment.

2 May 2018

I really loved the vibe in the club, very diverse, boujii look and decent value for money. Good music to my taste, cocktails were greattt , can never get too muchh

29 April 2018

Brilliant staff, great time all round regardless of whether it's a Friday or Tuesday. One of our group's all time favourites.

10 April 2018

Great atmosphere and brilliant staff members. You’ll meet so many great people on a night out and it’s the perfect venue!

5 April 2018

The security can be rude and they chose when to let you in or not for other reasons not including ID such as colour/race however other than that the club is really good and the staff are friendly. Not a place you would go to every week though as drinks and entry are quite expensive.