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12 December 2018

I LOVE Lightbox. However, I do know it's not for everyone. It has a wide variety of rooms with different genres of music but, unlike Ministry or Fabric, it does not play any commercial music. It's known for techno, garage and drum and bass. It's not really for students, there will be a lot of weird people, so pick the right night. The location is BEAUTIFUL, definitely insta worthy.

12 December 2018

The venue is really big and spacious and the outdoors areas are quite cool in the way they're laid out. Drinks are a little too pricey, especially for student nights - but the lighting is really cool inside all the rooms.

12 December 2018

Lighbox gives ravers an immersive experience with flashing lights on the walls and the ceiling. The sound system goes through your body so I recommend this to those who enjoy the pleasures of drum and bass, house or garage music. One criticism would be that waiting to buy a drink or get some water can take a long time. Also the toilets can be quite dirty on a busy night. Furthermore, when it gets really packed, finding the space to have a proper dance is impossible, leaving you disappointed and spending the night in the packed out smoking area.

12 December 2018

For student who love to rave, lightbox is one of the most affordable places I've been to! Some events are even FREE! With larger events such as New Years Eve starting from £15. Always a friendly atmosphere, I've never finished a lightbox night out without making friends. The venue is topped off with a spacious smoking area with heaters, booths and seating!

12 December 2018

Cool atmosphere lots and lots of rooms can become a bit of a maze is the place to go if you want to get VERY fucked most people there are.

12 December 2018

Great music and atmosphere and is very cheap, however the fact that entry is cash only can be quite problematic.

Josh Powell
12 December 2018

If you want a fun but messy night this is the place for you. With the amazing famous LED light coated main room being absolutely mesmerizing. The staff are really friendly and there too help at all times

12 December 2018

Great venue. The crowd of people that go here are friendly and open, for those who like rave culture these are the type of people that will be there! Almost like a mini festival vibe. The main room has a light ceiling that creates a great atmosphere for enjoying the tracks played. Music is varied with jungle, garage and drum & bass and more! Affordable nights especially garage and jungle splash which are incredibly popular amongst London Students. A night at light box will not disappoint.

12 December 2018

The light box is a really fun place to go out to. The bouncers could be slightly less intimidating and abit more welcoming but other than that I really enjoy lightbox.

11 December 2018

The location of the venue is pretty good, Vauxhall is well linked via the underground system. The main beer you could get in a can was red stripe (not a fan). The venue is also really really small in comparison to what it looks like in the photos. All the student nights are just typical chart music / the exact same you'd get at any student night. When the venue is attached to fire so it becomes bigger then the space is better.

11 December 2018

Lightbox is one of the best places to go for good night out. Great music. Great atmosphere. Great way to meet new people from different universities and different areas of London.

11 December 2018

With regular themed nights, such as jungle splash and garage splash, Lightbox lives up to its name, with the club covered in bright lights that are augmented to the music. The age demographic is mostly 18-30 and is usually filled in students having a great time. Drinks are cheaper than many other places in the city, and the atmosphere is perfect for people who enjoy the clubbing scene. Sound quality is great, and there are plenty of alcoholic drink options. Entry to many nights are made cheaper if you sign up on Facebook and add your name to the guest list, as getting there before midnight will give you free entry. The queue is generally crazy long, but doesn't take too long to get in to compared to many other clubs across London.

11 December 2018

Good venue- cool aesthetics inside, really good music -d&b, garage etc. Good value for money-sign up to guest list before and get free entry.

28 June 2018

Amazimg place to go specially on latin event nights if you want to experince a latin vibe this is the one to go !! Defo recommend it , overall the place is big as and the staff are great as they provide good customer service.

21 April 2018

Has some sick events, jungle splash n garage splash are good if you love dnb/garage/jungle. Fiver in or free if ur on the guestlist

21 April 2018

Lively venue, lighting is good, music can be good too depending on day. Bar staff are fairly friendly, could do without the people manning the toilets being so aggressive in trying to sell sweets/aftershave.

18 April 2018

Light box is a very good nightclub when it comes to drum and bass, garage house and jungle as they have some top music in their,the value for money is great for the atmosphere that you are getting from it

9 April 2018

Venue is really cool, lights bouncing off the music creating a great atmosphere! Really long queue, gd deals on events but queues mean you have to pay more as you can miss the deals! Drinks were not too expensive for London. Overall a great night out

3 April 2018

A fun night out with lots of rooms and different events. It's a fun young crowd and there's a lovely smoking area with a food van, great seating etc. You can often get in for free on a friday if you sign up to the guestlist, however £5 after 10:30pm.

5 March 2018

Always have fun no matter what, music played is always the best but only sometimes there’s too many people which means it very hard to try and get any drinks and it can get very very hot

5 March 2018

Fire & Lightbox is amazing on a drum and bass night. Attend their “Splash” events for the best night, which are also free. Also their “Next Hype” events are incredible.

4 March 2018

Awesome club with a heavy hitting line-up and killer lighting, can get a little hot and sweaty. The location is good and on the night tube, ticket prices are reasonable.

28 February 2018

The security is a little aggressive but apart from that the venue is amazing. The outside area is big and has a friendly atmosphere. The venue always hosts great music.

4 February 2018

There’s literally nothing bad about lightbox. It’s a friendly club while I’ve been there. Never any trouble and everyone’s always super helpful. Inside is amazing as everyone’s buzzing from the lights and music which gets the atmosphere pumping