Guy's Bar

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6th in London

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26 December 2018

The best place for a cheap, messy and hilarious night out. Make it to midnight to see some true King's magic. Only issue is with security and queues being pretty annoying this year but they've responded to complaints so hopefully will improve.

26 December 2018

Great uni events and decent priced drinks. Recommend the bottomless pizza and Prosecco evenings. Not the most visually appealing place, but decent for a student bar.

26 December 2018

Super fun on sports night & cheap drinks! Best King's College London parties! Only problem is extremely long queues, and bouncers sometimes rude:/

26 December 2018

Never change guys bar, we love your shitty school cafeteria vibes and cringey patrons. Good food cheap pints

26 December 2018

Small, slightly cramped bar. Best on sports nights but still a very rowdy atmosphere. Drinks are priced normally seeing as it's a student bar.

26 December 2018

Absolutely amazing! Cheap jagerbombs and probably best gender ratio in any bar I've ever been to. What else can I say, great for students

22 April 2018

For a student bar this is really good, it’s cheper than any other place and they hold good quizzes every Tuesday with a £100 bar tab up for grabs

20 April 2018

GB is the messiest place for the messiest sesh you could imagine, sport's night every Wed is everyone's fave time to get absolutely wrecked with their pals, plus it's 100% freeee xx

13 April 2018

It is one of the King’s College student bars, situated near Guy’s Hospital. It is a good bar, very cheap, making it very student-friendly. I love this okace, however the only negative is that on Wednesdays, when sportsnight happens, it is extremely full, and there is a very long queue for entry.

19 March 2018

Brilliant night out, easy to get to. Cheap and affordable with friendly staff! Good for socialising and getting to know others with great events held frequently

3 March 2018

Super grimy and disgusting on Wednesday night's but gb never disappoints and it's always the best night (as long as you're super drunk)

13 January 2018

Great student bar with cheap prices and good music. On campus so easy to go for a quick drink or bite and not too far from a lot of halls for freshers

12 January 2018

The venue was a great size, and allowed a perfect amount of people. It wasn't too packed, and this is how it's best suitable to socialise and dance. The atmosphere was great also, but does get pretty steaming hot in there after a while, hence why I went out most of the time. For the value of money it was worth it, especially as the people were very nice. The music was top charts and everyone knew the songs, which was great. Overall, great experience.

20 December 2017

One of the friendliest bar in the neighbourhood. Since it is loacted in King’s College London Guy’s Campus, it is truly convenient place for students, a 5 mins walk from London Bridge Station. Very cozy atmosphere and staffs are friendly and helpful towards students. The music is nice and mostly play the latest hits, that is exactly what I want. A lot of entertainment programmes are availbale like pub quiz and parties. Drinks are cheaper than any other bars in the town. Being surrounded by students give us more opportunities to make friends and give us the vibes of being in a safe environment. However, it is alittle bit small and sometimes it’s hard to get a table. Overall, it is a nice spot to hang out with friends when you are looking for a low budget one.

25 November 2017

Love the music, the atmosphere is either super chill during the day with bangers playing continuously. At night it gets a little bit crowded on some days but not enough to make you uncomfortable, especially if you had enough (affordable) drinks.

12 November 2017

Always a great night at guys bar, especially their sports nights but there's a good range of events so it's fun for everyone! Great vibes, prices and music!

11 November 2017

Kings students night out of a Wednesday. Pretty grimy thanks to the sports lads, good atmosphere though. Music's a mixed bag but £2 pints are £2 pints.

Elin Tebbutt
10 November 2017

Very student and sports friendly. Reasonably priced student drinks and a great, upbeat atmosphere. Central london next to London Bridge Station.

10 November 2017

Absolute savagery, honestly the place is like a zoo which is actually surprisingly a good selling point.

9 November 2017

Cheap drinks, music is great (on a Wednesday). Food is also very nice for the price of it. Love the fact it’s on campus, however stupid that the SU bar is under nurses accommodation. Also, sports night on a Wednesday could be organised better (all they’re interested in is making a profit).