46th in Nightlife
1st in London

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27 December 2018

The music is very cheesy but the drinks are priced very well for the location. Alright venue to start the night but couldn't last longer than an hour or so.

27 December 2018

Gay is so community based and very supportive and open staff and people are always so nice and friendly

27 December 2018

G-A-Y has a wonderful atmosphere to it and is great for pre-drinks as they give you wrist bands to get into Heaven at a discounted price. Music is pop/ throwback to early 2000s. Drinks are a good price.

27 December 2018

Amazing night at porn idol event! Managed to use the guest list which is very friendly for student pockets! Good event amazing guests (Bianca Del Rio + others from Rupaul's) Good music, great atmosphere. Multiple rooms to dance in and great lighting etc.

27 December 2018

amazing atmosphere with some of the best pop music in london! Everyone is always happy and cheery with great drink prices considering central london!

27 December 2018

The venue is very open. There are staff on the street to greet and welcome you. Once you go in, the vibe of the venue is very different. Everyone is dancing in big groups and happy. When you walk past a certain group they encourage you to dance with them. The people that attend G-A-Y are genuinely nice and friendly people. It is a medium sized venue but I think staff seem overwhelmed because of how busy the club is but they try their best and they are very helpful and nice people.

Steve Bishop-Walker
27 December 2018

Fantastic atmosphere, great LGBT venue with very cheap drinks and friendly door staff. The music is a heady mix of original classic pop from 80s to 90s to now, with some remixes of pop songs to give them a bit more of a beat if necessary. Recommended!

27 December 2018

Small space in central London, in the party center, Soho. With affordable drinks throughout the week, every week. Not with the intent of being student friendly, but perfect for student who do not want to spend much on a night out.

27 December 2018

Great venue, the friendliest and nicest crowd. Gets super busy on the weekends and the line can be really long

27 December 2018

Venue is something overcrowded. The atmosphere is cool. The music sometimes is very nice. Cost of the entrance is ok related to the place.

14 August 2018

Expensive and quite busy. There's always many people around the pub waiting to get in and getting hand bands.

13 August 2018

Very good location in the heart of soho, surrounded by many other bars and clubs. Great atmosphere and very friendly people. Free entry, cheap drinks, and offers wristbands for heaven club which give you discounted entry

9 August 2018

G-A-Y was a fabulous place. Obviously being a gay bar it was super inclusive. There was a bit of a queue, but once we got inside it wasn’t super crowded. The music was great, super easy to dance to! Drinks were a bit pricey but they tasted good and were fairly strong. Overall a really fun night out with my mates!

9 July 2018

Cheap drinks during the week to only encourage a poor attendance at uni. Terrible ‘but in a good way’ music all night, every night. A camp ol’ time. Safe place for twink. 10/10 would recommend.

8 July 2018

If you go to the bar down the street and get a wristband, you get into the club for free which is amazing. The drinks are surprising cheap for London. I bought 3 glasses of wine for £8 which was great value (although the cups are tiny). Any day is fine except Saturday esp. Pride cause you won't get in unless you queue for hours. I recommend Sunday cause its still busy but not packed. Music has cheesy hit and class tunes. Toilets (like most nightclubs) are a bit dodgy.

30 June 2018

Drinks are super cheap and the staff and partyers are all lovely! Good vibes! It’s definitely my go-to, before continuing the night

25 June 2018

I loved this bar and have returned several times! I have had many fun times with my uni and other friends here. Situated in central London the club receives visits from people from all creeds and ages. It was particularly very friendly and welcoming to students or young people. The music is phenomenal, catchy and dance-able! It's connection with the club heaven also made it very appealing - a club that is also very open to people of different sexualities. G-A-Y's connection with heaven meant that often one could alternate between the two venues free of charge on certain nights after collecting a wristband from G-A-Y(at a specified time) to do so!

22 June 2018

Best night out in London. Cheap drinks at GAY/Heaven, great music with throwbacks mixed with new ones that you can sing along to - only place I can stay till the lights come on!

14 June 2018

cheap drinks, although the club itself could be alot better. it's a bit dirty, sticky floors and tables. could be made more classy!

12 June 2018

Amazing prices, messy night, great music and overall a fun night out! Would recommend to any gay guy or LGBTQ friendly person

11 June 2018

I love this club! I go with my friends when we all get together. It’s got a friendly atmosphere, great music to dance to and fun entertainment.

9 June 2018

Very open minded environment. Perfect for anyone that likes pop, r&b and dance music and those out for a fun time, not just to pull.

5 June 2018

Good value drinks, music good too but lack of wheelchair access for the upstairs area. Staff are considerate and understanding

4 June 2018

One of the best bars in London! Cheap drinks for London standard. Amazing people and music too. Free entry which is also very cool.