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3 January 2019

I always enjoy nights out at Electric Ballroom. Love the venue, especially being able to look down on the dance floor from the balcony as it makes for a very unique clubbing experience. It is usually friendly to students, obviously you are checked on arrival but as a student that is normal. Music is always amazing as they have various music nights on per week such as themed nights. £10 entry is on the more expensive side for a student especially as for some nightclubs you can book tickets in advance for less. It hasn't stopped me from going to Electric Ballroom though.

3 January 2019

I went to their reagaeton spécial it was absolutely amazing the music and vibe was great drinks are too expensive I think I payed £3 a shot. Only minor downside is that security is very strict and my friend who was only a bit tipsy got kicked out so our night ended pretty early at 2:30am Also the venue is very big and that specific night it wasn't very full it even looked quite empty

3 January 2019

Overall, a generally well mannered venue and a well entertained night-out. Staff are friendly and prompt. However cleanliness can lack quite a bit, sticky floors and dirty toilets. To improve on that would make it an ideal venue!

3 January 2019

very fun and perfect for Saturday night boogies! drinks are decently priced, the only thing that I find quite overpriced was the entry fee.

3 January 2019

The location was decent and the atmosphere was nice. The music they played was awesome and we had a really great time. Drinks aren't too expensive considering it's London.

3 January 2019

Good large venue, with 2 floors. Most nights have multiple genres on the floors, and it's got a fairly rocky/dive bar feel to it - so nice atmosphere! It's not that cheap to buy drinks however, but cover charge is cheap!

3 January 2019

Electric Ballroom is always a great option on a Saturday night. In the heart of Camden its always a great vibe The venue is very big! It has two big dancefloors to switch it up , the main one is a mix of rock , and classic old tunes, upstairs is a mix of r&b and pop . The drinks are decently priced and its always got a ton of students! Love it

3 January 2019

Great atmosphere and music and the staff are lovely. The drink prices however are crazy expensive given the amount of student nights that go on here! They also need to fix the toilets, they're always broken meaning long queues

12 August 2018

Great 00's music, nice bar area. Spacious venue, friendly bouncers and an okay outside area for smokers. Overall a very fun nightclub with a central location.

7 July 2018

Electric ballroom is the place to be on a weekend especially Fridays The event night is propaganda which has three rooms that play different music

3 July 2018

if you love indie rock and feeling happy this place is the place for you. Nuff said. Easy to get to as Camden is in the middle of everything. The energy is so high you're literally dancing all night long to banger after banger. Can't go home without a bit of Mr. Brightside though... Go on a Friday or Wednesday for the best nights.

19 June 2018

electric ballroom is one of the best clubs in London for students! The dress code is causal so there’s no need to spend money on outfits each time you go out, the music goes from indie/rock to r n b/grime in the second room so it’s for everyone! I’ve never had a bad experience with the security guards or staff unlike other clubs in London. It’s also next to Camden station so travel is super easy.

13 June 2018

Had a decent party vibe. The venue is great as well as the location. Not the cheapest but you do get what you pay for.

4 May 2018

This club is the kinda club for alternative music seekers, however at the same time it gives the chance for people who listen to pop as well as the dj always plays some classics! It’s a good environment and everyone enjoys the night. Me and my friends all get drunk before because I have heard drinks on a Saturday to be expensive! Entry is 10 pounds however that is what you’d usually pay for a club in central ! So I’d say worth the money.

25 April 2018

Awesome place! Nice and cheap. Great mood for all. Would highly recommend to not only any student but anyone in London who wants a good time

21 April 2018

Venue was close to Camden town station. I went there in 2017 back when my student accommodation was near there. Ticket price I think was £10, it was a student might with 90s music theme. I thought the place was good, barmen were friendly.

21 April 2018

Great venue good size loved every minute of it, good crowd great music good vibe. If I could go back and do it all over again I would

20 April 2018

Went during the their reggaeton night and it was a lot of fun. The music was great and so was the general atmosphere. The drink prices are not too bad either, and the crowd is usually okay. Would go back again.

17 April 2018

Propaganda is the best place for UK Indie music. The crowd is young and vibrant are the drinks are of decent prices.

17 April 2018

The space is pretty big, a big dance floor and stage downstairs and then a smaller one upstairs. On Saturdays they have an indie night - Propaganda - it's super chill. Unlike many clubs they have an actual smoking area, which is very nice. Only downside is that the drinks are quite pricey.

10 April 2018

Good for propaganda although not student prices. Could improve on this. Also lots of thief’s so keep an eye out. Good vibe though.

26 March 2018

I went there for the Circus Records showcase and it was 6 hours of pure madness ! Always down to go back and feel that ridiculous electronic vibe, but it might not be the most student-friendly place to go to.

26 March 2018

The vibe there is always amazing, bouncers aren't as rough and drinks are cheap. Entry isn't too expensive and music from nineties to today. Great place for anyone and everyone.

25 March 2018

Amazing night out! Good value for drinks and great music. Would definately return for any concerts or general nights out. Situated close to the station so it’s not difficult to find.