Corsica Studios

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3rd in London

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6 January 2019

Venue hosting elaborate promoters! Tickets can be expensive but mostly worth if you are choosing a night specific to your interests. The variety is big.

6 January 2019

If you're a fan of warehouse parties and electronic music, this is definitely the place for you as it offers both an enjoyable and spacious dancefloor, while providing with cheap drinks especially in an area so close to Central London(Elephant and Castle). Its location also proves itself really useful being close to public transport stations. Parties there never disappoint either :)

6 January 2019

Great sound system, good selection of dj's. it can get quite confusing with the layout of rooms but overall I've had some good nights there.

6 January 2019

Best techno spot in London. Great on a Thursday night or a weekend! Drinks are standard club prices. 2 rooms, quality smoking area. Located in Elephant and Castle so good transport links. Check it out!

6 January 2019

Great venue for house and techno lovers, really cheap tickets if you buy in advance and the events usually run till early hours of the morning! Great for an after pub motive, with student drinks prices on student nights

6 January 2019

Great place to go to listen to new music. Very small so gives a good atmosphere to a small crowd. Can get a little hectic and drinks are pricey, but minor points all things considered.

6 January 2019

I had an absolutely amazing time at Corsica Studious. Just recently went for a mate's 21st celebration and it was truly a night to remember. The music was consistently great. An amazing atmosphere, felt very safe. Drinks were not too expensive but of course, as a student, if they could be any cheaper it would be amazing. Around £6 I think. It was so cheap if you bought your tickets online £6 including the extra booking fee. It was 100% worth the money spent. 10/10 recommend going there!

14 June 2018

Corsica studios is an incredible venue for seeing new and up and coming dance music without the grim lads behaviour of just being in a club to pick up girls or vice versa. The south London venue isn’t your usual high class or polished location but the grungy nature of it just adds to the experience. It’s pretty student friendly and generally speaking is moreso about the music than anything else, drinks are normal London prices but nothing extreme. If it’s busy the atmosphere is great, it’s not huge but has several rooms.

11 June 2018

Corsica Studios is probably the most awesome club in London. You can get an experience like it. It almost like entering a warehouse so gives you a feel of almost danger. The people are super cool, the drinks are well priced, the smoking area has a lot of seeting and the staff is so nice.

7 June 2018

Corsica studios manages to be an exceptional place to dance freely while hearing interesting and new techno and other electronic music. However It has a make-shift feel with cheap looking decor and a smoking area under a bridge that could have you question the £20 or so that you paid to get in. Drinks aren’t cheap either, but that’s London. Overall it’s a cool place with really good music and a friendly, open vibe.

17 April 2018

Corsica Studios is a great venue if you like house music and getting a bit sweaty. The music is great, its fairly cheap and the vibe is sweet

22 March 2018

Corsica Studios is by far my favourite club in London! It’s the perfect size and the music is always great! Another thing which I like is how nice the bouncers are in comparison to other clubs - like Ministry of Sound bouncers across the road. The people in corsica always seem really nice and never aggressive .bad thing is it’s expensive for drinks but that’s just classic for London.

12 March 2018

really cool vibe, everyone there is really friendly and the lineups are always top notch. would recommend it to anyone whether your a Londoner or are new to the city

26 January 2018

This club is absolutely ace, great atmosphere and bouncers aren't cunts. 10/10 recommend .... someone helped me clean up after vomiting over myself once

4 January 2018

Really good club that hosts a lot of great techno nights. Reasonably priced drinks but overall definitely better than Fabric

16 November 2017

Venue - Humble little venue in Elephant and Castle, not heavily signed so a bit 'off the beaten track'. No effort is made to overly decorate or maintain the club indoors - IN A GOOD WAY... it is the antithesis of pretentious and provides just the right amount of 'grungy warehouse' vibes most students are looking for on an alternative London night out. Bouncers are all LOVELY, very reasonable and pleasant staff which makes a wonderful change from most nights out in London. Nights are all very reasonably priced or even FREE for student night on a Thursday, with criminally cheap drinks too. Finally, most importantly, the music tends to be INCREDIBLE. Great 'funk your body and go crazy' tunes, I don't even know what style... they also have great DJs often playing. The only complaint I can think of is sometimes the music is too loud, and I feel like my eardrums will implode. However, they counteract this by providing FREE (multicoloured) EARBUDS at the bar - GREAT. And, besides, it's better than too quiet, right?