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2 November 2018

Really nice place to live. It's clean and rooms are nice with pretty large beds that can come in handy if you're lucky. It has a lot of useful places around to buy food and hang out, as well as really good transport links. There's a good amount of people here so that you can make enough friends but don't don't have to be social with or even remember everybody. Only real downside is the distance from uni.

2 November 2018

The location, in North Acton, is somewhat lacking and it can take 30-45 minutes to get to the South Kensington campus by tube. However, the prices are the best I've seen in London, especially for such new and nice rooms. Most of the kitchens are quite big, and all have 2 fridges, the rooms all have small double beds and although not massively spacious have plenty of storage space (underbed storage, cupboard, cabinet in bathroom, desk drawers, cabinets over desk). There are plenty of events run by the hall seniors which arefun, especially the barbecues towards the end of the academic year.

2 November 2018

Woodward Buildings is fantastic accommodation for students living in the real world (the rich ones complain about the commute and not getting a panoramic kitchen!) The building is just a handful of years old and it shows with the standard of the rooms, they're great. The common areas are kept in great condition and there are many events throughout the year run by the Woodward team. The most common and only real complaint is the commute to Imperials main campus, however at

2 November 2018

Woodward is a great hall, especially for freshers looking to make friends. With over 700 students living there per year, you are bound to make some lovely friendships over the first year of university and have the best of the times during the hall events. Location-wise, Woodward is conveniently situated next to the North Acton tube station (Central line, zone 2), therefore only a 35 min journey away from South Kensington campus. The best part about Woodward is represented by the room facilities: very big and comfortable beds, ensuite bathrooms and good storage space. Kitchens are modern and well fitted. There are security services 24/7 and cleaners who ensure the hall and your room is tidy. All in all, I highly recommend Woodward Halls

2 November 2018

Despite woodward at the time of applying being my last choice of hall, if i could do it all over again I would have no-doubt picked woodward as my first choice. Woodward halls are clean, modern, brand new and very practical. The rooms are definitely within the best uni rooms ive ever seen and are ALL ensuite and DOUBLE BED. The bathroom is of a very good standard and the workspace is also very good. The storage space lacks a little bit, but for a girl with lots of clothes i was able to fit everything easily in my room utilizing the under the bed storage. The wifi is great, i never experiences any problems with it. The facilities are amazing, huge common room, music practise rooms including a piano and games room. There was also a really cute roof top garden and another garden outside the common room. It goes without saying but the D block kitchens are amazing. B and C block kitchens arent as good but still very good, spacious and clean compared to other halls. Rooms are cleaned once a month and kitchens are cleaned 3 times a week but lovely caretakers. The gym facilities are amazing and are only a 2 minute walk from woodward. For £40 a year you get unlimited use of the gym, lots of free classes (pilates,zumba,spinning,HITT etc). Obviously the main problem with woodward is location, its quite far out of the way and takes 50 minutes to get to south kensington every morning. I used to buy a monthly oyster travel card (£91) and use that everyday to save money. Also the long commute means that you easiky make friends. Lastly, woodward has many social events throughput the year, lots of BBQs during the summer term and FREE breakfast EVERY sunday which aint too shabby if you ask me.

2 November 2018

The rooms are a good value for money given that it is for a London university. Big 3/4 bed and large desk and storage spaces. The social aspect is good with free film nights and free breakfast every Sunday. Woodward organised something on every night of freshers fortnight and the final event was the Ball which was a very fun experience. The halls are a distance away from the uni but the commute isn't too much of a hassle and it is nice to get away from the uni campus and have time out at the end of a long day.

31 March 2018

If it was in central london, it'd be the perfect home. The hall is clean, modern and the seniors and subwardens do quite a good job. Quite slow manteinance services though. Very well connected by the central line too.

18 March 2018

Woodward halls has great value rooms, 131£/week for a clean and nice room and the kitchen is exceptionally neat compared to other halls in other unis.

5 March 2018

All the facilities, social aspects and surrounding area are amazing, the only issue is the location as it requires a lot of public transport to get to campus

3 March 2018

Really nice rooms, bathroom, and kitchen. Very modern and comfortable. The common room is good and all facilities are adequate.

1 March 2018

The best hall, very well kept and fun to be at. Glad I was put here.

28 February 2018

Facilities are amazing. Fun, relaxation and and seriousness in one building with groceries super near to it.

27 February 2018

New building with good facilities which is all very clean and well kept. Cheap for London prices, although very far out from campus which is the only down side

23 February 2018

Amazing facilities for a cheap price. It's too far from campus, so I'd recomend another hall. The seniors and wardens organize quality events all around the year. I made some of my best friends here

22 February 2018

Excellent not facilities at a fair price. The opportunity for sport and music is great. The communal TV area in the kitchen is very homely.

13 February 2018

Woodward is an amazing halls. The facilities are new and its value for money. There are halls events on each week. The only downside is the distance from uni, but you get used to it.

7 February 2018

Great Hall. Best Facilities: all ensuite, convenient kitchens for cooking, large rooms, same standard for every room.: Even the cheaper ones get a separate desk for both studnets. Great community.

3 February 2018

Location ok, facilities amazing, room amazin, the social experience was and still is amazing and precedes not to stop

28 December 2017

Location was slightly too far from the university campus, though the 700 people it housed made up for that. The flats were near enough perfect, with outstanding kitchens as I was in D block and got a great view from the huge windows. All in all the halls were great, and there were various socials that were organised to help people meet new students.

28 December 2017

Overall good, cheap, good facilities. Good social events for the money. Bit far away, commuting takes a while but with cost of transport, still cheapest.

28 December 2017

Though the halls are a little far away from campus, the facilities and the subsidised rent more than makes up for it. Students benefit from spacious kitchen and living areas, large rooms and ensuites, as well as on-site music practice rooms and a fantastic gym with free classes. The hall events are also the best at Imperial - just you wait for those summer BBQs!

28 December 2017

Very clean, and large. Location is a bit far from uni. Tesco express and large Asda within walking distance. iGYM included and very useful.