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2 November 2018

The location was perfect as you are in close proximity to Guys Campus but also really central for London. The accommodation itself was very outdated and requires a huge re-vamp! The kitchen and bathroom is shared between you and 13 other student so as you can imagine the living conditions are disgusting. You pay a lot of the facilities available.

2 November 2018

The location of the accommodation was amazing as it is close to the university Campus and it is so central in terms of getting around London. The accommodation itself isn't the best as 14 people share a tiny kitchen which gets ridiculously dirty. For the price you pay and the standards of living there is, they do not compare. It requires a massive re-vamp!

2 November 2018

I mean... the location is amazing. Opposite London Bridge station, connected to the northern and jubilee line and tons of buses. 40 minute walk from anywhere good. And the price is amazing for somewhere in london, literally nearly £100 cheaper than the next price up. But that is also very obvious in the building's condition and size. A common room in which next to no one uses. Four washers, four dryers, 3 elevators for 300 people. Each floor has 18 people, split into 14 and 4, with one kitchen for each side. The 14 side has 2.5 fridges, 0.5 fridge and a tiny table with 4 chairs around it. No room for being together. 3 bathrooms and 3 showers. The beds are 3/4 beds and pretty tiny rooms. My side of the flat doesnt even have a window in the corridors, so when the lights are out you literally cant see in front of your face. So Wolfson is really good for someone who wants to spend little money and also little time at home. But if youre looking for close knit friendships within your flat and space to hang out together then youre out of luck.

2 November 2018

Fantastic location in central London, especially if you're situated on Guy's campus, as Wolfson House it basically attached to my main lecture theatre (Greenwood). Room is nice and has enough space, but facilities such as the showers, room sink and kitchen can vary in quality. One of my sink taps stopped working for a week and the kitchen sinks get blocked every now and then, but could be to do with people misusing the kitchen. Given that there are 14 people per floor, even the kitchen can be a fun place just to hang out but when it comes to rush-hour for eating, there is only space on the kitchen table for 5, so I often find myself eating in my room. the common room on ground floor is hardly used which is a shame. You also have to use Eduroam as your wifi, which isn't awful but could be better. Overall, one of the cheapest out of King's halls so can't complain and it's biggest strength is the location - I can set off 5 mins before the start of anything on campus.

2 November 2018

The place is a bit of a shithole but the people there are alright, also it's mad cheap so you get what you pay for I guess 🤷‍♂️

2 November 2018

While the building is probably one of the oldest of King's residences, the location is definitely one of the best. The rooms are less modern than other halls which didn't bother me, they're the same size if not bigger than the other halls i've seen. The staff are so helpful whenever there's a maintence issue. The only downside to this residence is sharing a bathroom, however it's my second year here now and you just get used to it. Also the single bed can get a little annoying however it does make the room look so much bigger.

6 July 2018

Social environment living with 13 people and 1 very small kitchen but everything breaks and security aren’t friendly

4 July 2018

the cheapest of the king's residences, with shared bathrooms and small kitchens but it was the accommodation with the best social aspect, and i'm moving back in september for second year!

3 May 2018

The location is brilliant and makes up for the old building, dirty kitchens and cramped shared bathrooms. It's all worth being so close to the river, borough market and so central. Thanks

11 March 2018

Living with people has not been an enjoyable experience. We have cleaners but they don’t clean the kitchen. The toilets are always messy and take long to clean

8 March 2018

Great location in central London and very close to Guys campus. Very small kitchen for so many students and a lack of shower rooms.

21 February 2018

First of all, in terms of location you absolutely could not get any better than Wolfson House. Central London living with everything on your doorstep... BUT Common space non-existent. Living conditions are awful. Kitchens too small, not enough fridge/freezer space and shared by too many people. Sinks and toilets always blocking due to antiquated plumbing. Heating doesn't always work. Fire doors broken and non-residents found wandering around our floor several times. Concerns not taken seriously or acted up by either concierge or maintenance. Really very disappointing. I moved out before my contract ended into privately rented accommodation for the same price.

18 February 2018

Expensive, though that is to be expected in London. Even so the quality is very poor. I highly recommend staying in these halls as a first year because location is great it's is cheap and you can basically wreck it and it doesn't matter.

18 February 2018

expensive for what you get lol really good location. got placed in a 14 people flat, and they were the most obnoxious people one has ever met.

16 February 2018

Great central location. Less than 5 mins away from Guy's campus, 20 min bus from Waterloo campus. 15 min tube to Oxford Street, so very close to all the big city landmarks. Laundry room is kept clean and working, staff are friendly, the rooms are great for the size and price and the kitchen, toilet and shower rooms are kept regularly clean! Grocery shops nearby and safe place to live in!

2 January 2018

Great location to Guy's Campus, and only 35min walk to Strand Campus. Limited facilities (one kitchen, three bathrooms and three showers for fourteen people), though very manageable. Rooms slightly run down, though renovations are being made. Common room too small for the residence and overheats very quickly. Needs to be cleaned more frequently. Overall, well worth the price, despite being a bit shabby.

28 December 2017

Very cheap so good value, showers and appliances a bit dingy, not much storage space in the kitchen - 2 refrigerators for 12 people. But i enjoyed it - super close to guys campus

15 November 2017

Absolutely vile student halls! Sinks and toilets constantly blocked due to old/poorly maintained plumbing, inadequate kitchen facilities shared by too many, and security issues with fire doors and access into living areas by non-residents that were never resolved by maintenance. Bedrooms very basic, but otherwise ok despite very thin walls and some rooms having problems with damp.