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2 November 2018

Social experience was fab. Stayed in main house and had good sized rooms. Toilets and kitchen can get dirty. Amazing location too.

2 November 2018

Great location considering the cost of rent. Takes about 30 mins to walk to college (Imperial) through Kensington Gardens, making it a nice walk to college. Free breakfast every sunday morning, and you can make use of that gathering to make more friends. The bad thing about the accommodation is that the rooms are of varying sizes, and are randomly allocated, which means you could get a big room, or a small one (and you pay the same rent). Furthermore, there is only one entrance (which is also the exit, unless it is a fire emergency). If you stay at the top floor of one end of the building, you have open and close around 20 fire doors (no kidding). I was lucky to be allocated the nearest room to the entrance, which was big as well. However, that means a lot of noise gets into the room (especially sports night on wed night).

2 November 2018

The location is decent but sometimes inconvenient in that if you don't cycle, it's a 30min walk from campus and taking the tube or bus is the same time or even longer. So when late there's no other options unless you can catch an Uber/cab. In terms of socialising, there are definitely quite a lot of organised events to attend however on a day to day basis it can feel a little isolating due to the lay out of the halls. There are so many doors in the corridors along the ground floor it's rare to see anyone when coming out of your room. Kitchens are also all in the basement so that can be a hassle or demotivating to actually spend time there. Also non-basement rooms are all plain white with a white desk, shelf and wardrobe and with white lights. And the curtains are grey so it doesn't quite have a cosy/homely feel to it.

2 November 2018

I had a lot of fun at Wilson house - the freshers events were great to get to know everyone and we were all very social after that. The layout of the buildings mean that you're not just shut off in your flat, you get to see other people from other houses a lot. The rooms were average. Some were bigger than others, depended on how lucky you were. Price reflected the facilities, everything was pretty average, but this didn't matter. I had no issues with any of the facilities. It is in an excellent location - walk across hyde park each morning to get to uni. Also a uni library a 5min walk away.

18 June 2018

Wilson itself has everything you'd need, lots of communal areas and the houses were really clean and modern too. Its set out in houses, so not the traditional layout with other halls where its done by floors. It's in a really nice location, with lots of facilities around (st marys library/pool etc) but is a 25-30 min walk through hyde park into south kensington. It felt slightly out of the loop sometimes though, since most of the other halls are quite close, so coming back from nights out can be a bit tricky if no one else from wilson is coming out. Overall, if you want to get the full uni experience, I would recommend one of the closer halls. 'Popping in' to uni can be a bit of the pain if you have to walk through hyde park every day just to get there.

11 June 2018

Overall, staying in Wilson has been amazing. The social experience is great, there’s always events being organised and a free weekly breakfast! The location is ideal for uni, far enough away that you don’t feel like your trapped on campus but close enough to make the trip in easy, it’s even a lovely walk through Hyde park! My room is larger than in many of the other halls, however it’s not ensuite and due to the building being quite old there is a gap in my window which lets a draught in.

7 June 2018

Located close to fantastic nightlife as well as being close to campus and Hyde Park. Plenty of bike storage as well.

7 June 2018

Great traditional house in an amazing location. Lots of useful tube lines nearby to central London and buses to most nightclubs. Very good value for money, the only downsides are the noise from the nearby hospital and the overall cleanliness could be improved.

7 June 2018

Great social, can be cliquey but the way it's set up means you can easily meet people especially during freshers. Rooms are nice enough and bathrooms are good, especially ensuites - nice showers. Annexe Kitchen has too many people in it for such a large space (where the ensuites are) so would recommend going for shared bathroom with the nicer kitchens for 12 people rather than 86.

30 March 2018

Located 30 min walk from the campus so no need to use public transportation. The rooms are very cheap but can be very small and also sometimes a roommate can be very inconvenient.

20 March 2018

Would consider it the most socially active hall at imperial. The shared toilets and kitchens in the houses are kept very clean and the hall is only a 10 minute cycle to the south kensington campus.

21 February 2018

Great for the price. The only bad downside would be the 30 minute walk to campus everyday, but that’s not so bad as it’s through Hyde Park. Very sociable and rooms are a decent size

30 January 2018

Overall Wilson House is a great place for first year students to experience the University life to maximum extent. The location is ideal. Paddington has dozens of places to eat and shop and the walk to the Imperial College campus is only 20 minutes through glorious Hyde Park. There is also a cheao gym/swimming pool complex at St. Mary's hospital (2 minutes walk away) available for the residents of Wilson House. The social life is also awesome. I don't know why but it seems that Wilson House has a generally more social vibe than the other halls I've visited, although that may well be bias. The entire basement floor of Wilson has a long corridor which connects all the kitchens which makes it very easy to "kitchen crawl" during predrinks and collect stray members before you all head out together. My room is great, I have a huge amount of space and I was provided with a free desk, telephone, desk lamp, bookshelf, fan, and desk chair. (I got lucky with the size of my room, some of the other rooms, especially basement rooms, are much smaller). However one thing I don't like is how hot the room can get during hot weather, we are not able to open the windows more than a few inches as there are restrictors in place for "safety" reasons. All in all Wilson is great and I would recommend it to anyone.

8 January 2018

very central location. Oxford street and all the shops associated are really nearby. There's a bus stop right in front of the hall and three tube stations. Area tends to get a bid dodgy at night though with occasional drug peddlers.

8 January 2018

Location was very central. For 160 pw, its impossible to get such a location. Near 3 tube stations, and countless bus stops, nights out were never really a problem. People at Wilson were also fairly friendly although weeks in, groups had started to form. Gets a bit dodgy at night though and have heard stories about drugs being peddled nearby.

7 January 2018

Wilson House was a huge melting pot of awesome people from all the degrees. It sucked living at one end of the halls, away from the action, trapped behind 150 fire doors. BUT it was cosy, had a great atmosphere, and featured a gorgeous walk through Hyde Park every morning to uni.

28 December 2017

Wilson house is a great compromise between the expensive on-campus halls and those cheaper, but much further away halls. The walk to campus takes around 25/30mins which is bearable as you walk through Hyde Park to get there. The location itself is very convenient, loads of close bus stops with many regular buses and two close tube stations. Also oxford street is only a 15minute walk. Wilson house itself is very average in terms of facilities but this doesn't cause any problems. The hall seniors and wardens are very helpful and there are many social events organised by the hall which have been good fun. Lots of subsidized trips have been organised. My room itself was quite small but that was just luck, as my friend two doors across has a massive room, so it all depends on luck. The bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned regularly and your bedroom is cleaned once a month! It's location is also ideal for getting to clubs and bars etc as transport links are very good and some buses stop right outside the accomodation

28 December 2017

Great hall, well maintained and good reception. Nice social spaces, kitchens are of high standard. Good location just across Hyde park, 25 min walk to campus.