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10 November 2018

- Very convenient location - abundance of amenities in the area, especially due to Westfield. Enables a variety of choices for grocery shopping depending on budget. - Easy to get to both the London Bridge and Strand campuses. - Staff are very helpful and always on hand to answer any queries. - Very clean rooms. - One of the major reservations that most students residing in this halls have is that there are not enough social events to get the King's students together and interacting. - WIFI is not secure and does not always work.

10 November 2018

These halls are great. Really modern, big kitchens, double beds and en suites. Even has a glass sky room on the 22nd-24th floors with skyline views of London. Excellent for parties! Good transport links (jubilee line, central lime, DLR and overground). However slightly far out (zone 2/3). However it's so nice to be in the Olympic park and have Westfield just next door.

9 November 2018

Good facilities normally 10 people per from I have 8 for some reason, modern space and right next to Westfield so easy to nip out if you want anything. Unforunately spent all my money there rip me. Good laundry resources and study rooms/booths are good as well. Collect post wiht a key you collect from reception. Don't clean rooms but clean kitchens every fortnight. Bins are a bit of a trek to take out. There was a period of time when both the lifts in my 20 floor block were broken but they sorted that out quickly. Everyone is nice and reception sort things out quickly most of the time👍🏾

9 November 2018

Absolutely loved my time here! Strat 1 gets an unfair wrap for being miles away and in a dead location- this is not the case. The commute was about 30 mins, but was worth it for better rooms, socials spaces (parties in the sky room?), study spaces, and amazing staff. It was actually quite nice to not live in the middle of london and to be able to leave university behind not constantly being surrounded by students from your own uni. The staff were fantastic and would do the most to ensure you were happy and comfortable. It was less like the normal prison like feel of student accom and genuinely its own little community.

9 November 2018

Really lovely and well-located halls of residence with plenty of social spaces and regular events throughout the year to keep you entertained and feeling welcome. Study area, cinema room and launderette on site, lovely and friendly staff that are always ready to help and all issues are solved quickly. Couldn't say enough nice things!

9 November 2018

Stratford One is a very comfortable halls to live in, complete with all the necessary facilities. I really enjoyed my room (it was a plus that there was no pine furniture!!), and the shared kitchen was large enough to have a sofa and enough storage for the nine people in my flat. Everything was really modern, from the sky room (which you can book and is great to spend an evening in), to the communal areas and the social spaces. The wifi worked great, and the staff were always really helpful (though they never asked to sign a guest in, which is either a pro or a con depending on your perspective). The location is great considering there are both big and small supermarkets nearby, and that it's a minute away from Westfield Shopping Centre. It took about forty minutes to get into uni which could be a lot better but isn't too bad, and Stratford tube station (around 5-10 minutes away) is really well connected. I didn't find the halls very social, but that could've just been luck as I was allocated a flat with a lot of third years, who were lovely but obviously settled into their social lives. However, I do know of people who made friends with people in their flat and other flats, so I think it just depends. Stratford wasn't cheap, but at the same time it has everything you need there and isn't extortionate in price, so it depends what your budget is and what your priorities are. Overall my experiences were comfortable, and I enjoyed living in somewhere that felt so modern and safe (even though people say bad things about Stratford's safety, the halls are positioned near the Olympic park and Westfield in a gentrified area, and the nearby streets were often quite empty at night and I never had any major issues as a young woman walking home alone, aside from generic street harassment that you get anywhere)

21 June 2018

Located opposite the Olympic park and very close to East Village with lots of green space and cafes perfect for sunday morning brunch and obviously next door to westfield shopping centre makes the location perfect. We really enjoyed the pool table and table football. 3/4 size double bed in rooms is great and having my desk over looking the olympic park was lovely and meant I was easily distracted from my work! However the building is so big and there are so many people I found it hard to interact with people outside my flat. The skyroom on the top floor has absolutely amazing views!

24 March 2018

Really really Really really Really really Really really Really really Really really Really really Really really nice. I liked it.

26 February 2018

Unite Stratofrd One is loacated right opposite Westfiled with great transport links. The staff are always helpful and pleasant. They Building is always clean. There are cleanets that clean the kitchens weekly. The staff often create events where you can socialise and meet other residents. You can easily have your room replaced if you wish to leave.

24 February 2018

Facilities are overpriced, laundry facilities are expensive and not always great The staff are really friendly! My room is fine, although my ensuite is ridiculously small WiFi isn’t reliable I don’t always get my parcels on time But I’ve lived there for two years now and it feels like home

21 February 2018

Wonderful location with regards to amenities, and tidy rooms but too dang far from uni to feel social and connected. Could be closer and probably cheaper

28 December 2017

The location was quite nice as Stratford has many different things going on around the area including Westfield (really great with all the shops and restaurants), the Olympic Park (really scenic and lovely to take a break from the busyness of the city), and Stratford City (for cheaper alternatives and the rooftop events). The flat was very modern and I had a great time there with my flatmates. The only thing that I was not happy about was the limited amounts of working washing machines that seemed to always be breaking every other day. Moreover, when I moved in, I remember the bathroom was not fully clean (I'll save you the not very pleasant details...).