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2 December 2018

Well worth place to live, very spacious living area including a clean and large kitchen with lots of storage space, more than enough for 6 people in a block. 24/7 security, very safe and secure place to live

2 December 2018

Horton halls is a good accommodation for first year students. The rooms are nice and all have an en-suite and you can request a double bed if you want a premium room. They all have a big desk and chair too and the kitchens have all the essentials such as fridges, ovens etc. It is nice as all the first year students live in one place, in different blocks so it's easy to socialise as everyone is in one place. The common room is ok, there is a table tennis table and pool and tv, couches and tables to chill in. The only issue is that it is around a 15 minute walk to the university however there is a park nearby and a few restaurants too. It's a walk off tooting high street where there's loads of shops, supermarkets and restaurants.

2 December 2018

The location is quite good, it is a 15-20 minute walk to uni with a direct bus which can also be used to commute to and from uni. The facilities are fairly good for the price, there is an ensuite and the shower works very well. The room is slightly small but well sized for the price. In terms of social experience it is less dependent on halls of residence. There are common rooms available but not many people go to them.

2 December 2018

Studying medicine means being placed in many hospitals in and around London and that means being placed in various types of student accomodation. I have to say that out of all my experiences, St. George's halls of residence has been the best. Located only 15 minutes away from the hospital/ university means that your able to get to all your classes on time and that your still far enough to feel like you've actually left the university premises. The 24 hour security staff are always helpful and respond quickly when your fellow peers are making too much noise and you are trying to study hard for an exam. There is a small corner shop located just outside of the main entrance which is ideal when you've ran out of milk and need it ASAP. All rooms are en-suite and come with a large shared kitchen facility. The blocks of housing are arranged so that they all face towards a communal path with some benches and outdoor seating area. The only thing that I found a bit annoying is the distance from halls to the tube station/ tooting highstreet which requires a 30 minute walk.

2 December 2018

Cleaners can every week to clean the kitchen and any repairs were done super quickly and noise complaints were also dealt with well

2 December 2018

Facilities includes a fan, en suite bathroom, shared kitchen. Pleasant environment but can be quite cramped (sizing could be better)

25 June 2018

The facilities were really good, we all had our own en suite bathrooms, the shared kitchen was also roomy enough. the washing machine area was in a different black and could be better and the uni is a 20 min walk away. It is quite pricy as well and the wifi was patchy

21 June 2018

Great furniture and very handing to have an ensuit bathroom, and great weekly cleaning services. Could have used quite a few more washing machines and dryers that actually worked though. Otherwise, a great and comfortable facility with great amenities.

15 June 2018

I stayed in the standard room, there are also premium rooms. The rooms is spacious and has a big desk good for studying. There is also a good amount of storage. All the rooms are en suite which is great. The kitchen is shared between 8 people and it’s spacious. Cleaners clean it every week. The staff are very friendly. At the top of each block there is also a common room, which is good for hanging out with your friends. However, the walk to university is 25min.

23 April 2018

The facilities are great. The communal kitchen is fully equipped. The bathroom is a little small but otherwise okay. Common room is spacious. All amenities are modern. 24x7 security.

17 April 2018

Being a small university, st George’s halls are all together with the 9 blocks surrounding a courtyard. 6 of the blocks are ‘Older’ but still not actually old - they just have smaller beds than the other 3. All rooms are en suite which is really nice for students, and all flats are 6 bedrooms sharing a kitchen. I had a reall good experience in halls as it’s the best place to make and keep up with friends when you first start uni. Staff on our reception desk were mostly very friendly and happy to help with anything too. I felt really safe in halls knowing that no strangers could get in without going past security and 2 fob controlled doors first. The facilities were good too, laundry machines weren’t too expensive and had good availability, the kitchens were equipped and if something didn’t work they were usually pretty prompt at repairing something. My room was clean and airy, with a nice view too! Big desks, plenty of power sockets and direct Ethernet connection to the internet which was so helpful. Overall my halls experience was really good and i wouldn’t have done it any different for first year.

7 April 2018

Spacious, ensuite and good value for money (£160 per week) considering it is in London Could have a lounging room as well as a kitchen

1 April 2018

Own ensuite bathroom and warm rooms. Security 24/7 which is fab and decent laundry room. Good kitchen with loads of space.

29 March 2018

The halls were located only a 15 min walk from uni which was great, but the transport links weren't amazing with it being a 25 min walk to the tube or 15-20 min walk to a train station! the common rooms were great though and the room/en suite a perfect size for what i needed

16 March 2018

Always people to chat with and hang with. The beds are slightly uncomfortable but bareable. Some of the staff are lovely

14 March 2018

The rooms are reasonably sized with en-suite toilets and a decent sized kitchen. 24 hour secuirity makes you feel safe. However there are often faults with fire alarms and the boilers.

27 February 2018

The location is good as it is a 20 minute walk to tooting broadway and a 15 minute walk to Earlsfield. Facilities are good as well however, when there is a problem it takes a while to get it fixed. The social experience is great as everyone is at one halls. My room is good and has all the facilities I need with an effecient shower.

21 February 2018

Great sized rooms, both standard and premium. Facilities such as laundry rooms often experience issues and take a long time to get fixed. Staff also speak rudely occasionally, however, some are lovely. Matching up of flat mates often seems great and works well.

6 February 2018

It's alright but too expensive. Very safe though. No security concerns. Cleanliness is good, weekly cleaning of kitchen, daily cleaning of common areas. Ping pong and pool table.

17 January 2018

ye boi pretty good stuff

28 December 2017

Greeat place. food places nearby. Good places to relax. Can easily make friends and fit in. Deffo recommend . short walk to uni