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I'm in Hughes Parry Tower, in a single ensuite room. The rooms are kind of small and can be a little claustrophobic sometimes, but they're okay. Big enough I guess, if you don't spend too much time in your room. The bed is single too, which is also pretty small. Nice to have your own bathroom though. Although the taps can make a loud screeching noise sometimes which is annoying. BUT THE WALLS ARE SO THIN. And because of how the rooms are designed, the person in the room next to you as their bed up against your bed through the wall. Like sex is great and all, I get it, but sometimes I just really wanna sleeeeeeeep. These halls spend a lot of money on dumb social stuff, what they really need is some god damn printers. Also the bedding packs are so shit and awful quality. Take my advice, dumb it and buy your own. Fantastic location though. Rent it way more than my entire student loan but if you can afford it, it's decent and worth it for where you are.