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11 January 2019

Location is 10 minutes walk away from Euston which is great if you're from the North West and get trains back home. It's a 25 minute walk from LSE so you don't have to spend any money on travel! Also 10 minutes away from Oxford Street and very central location. It's a catered hall so you get 6 dinners a week and 1 brunch which is great if you don't know how to cook. It also brings a social element as you eat with your fellow hall members together in the dining hall. It's a relatively small hall of 150 students but very social, and there's a student committee who plan events and give support if you need it. Overall, a fab experience!

11 January 2019

Great social life, with everyone being friendly and a good common room to help with socialising and activities! Rooms are newly renovated meaning they are nice & kitchens and toilets are cleaned daily! Amazing location, about 5 mins from everything!

4 July 2018

The location of Carr Saunders is great. It’s near soho and Camden for numerous activities and bars/clubs. Regent’s Park is just around the corner for nature lovers like me in amongst the big city! Charlotte Street has masses of food options (as well as the food market on Tottenham Court Road). Everyone is super friendly and the halls are very social, partly due to being one of the smallest halls and as a result feeling quickly like a family. Would definitely recommend!

24 June 2018

The location is great along with the social life as it's a small hall with lesser people. Everyone knows each other so it's amazing!

16 April 2018

Location is great but a bit far from LSE (30 minute walk, 25 by tube) Facilities are good, brand new and refurbished rooms and kitchens Room was decent size, but the rooms are different on the different wings of the hall, with one wing having only single beds and the other wing has double beds. I wish you could atleast choose which one you get or there were different price choices The social experience is good as it's a small tight knit hall

14 March 2018

The halls of residence has been central to my friendship making at LSE. Our catered dinners are the perfect setting to make new friends and catch up with people one different courses and who may be living on different floors. Since it has been newly renovated, the facilities are excellent and the staff are really lovely to. I would highly recommend to anyone considering studying at LSE

28 December 2017

Carr-Saunders Hall has a very strategic location. It is 5 minute walk to Tesco and 20 minute walk to Oxford St. The catering food is also very nice!

28 December 2017

Carr-Saunders is very near to Tesco and Sainsbury, and it's 20 min walk to Oxford Street. I would say it has a very strategic location. Great food too!

1 December 2017

I have an absolutely beautiful single room with a double bed which is well-heated. The facilities boast a common room with a TV, PS4, Fooseball, Table Tennis and a Pool Table.

1 December 2017

The rooms are very nice having recently been refurbished, so everything is modern. The shared facilities are also good with many showers and toilets on each floor. It is also located in a good area.

1 December 2017

Location is very good, central, convenient and safe. You can get everything at walking distance, 25 min walk to LSE,10 min walk to Oxford Street. Facilities are sufficient, toilets are quite clean, unless there’s irresponsible students. Common room is a good place to mingle around, everyone gathers almost every night. There’s TV, table tennis, darts and board games. Students are quite friendly and sociable, good place to make friends! I’m very satisfied with my room overall, it’s near to the toilet, kitchen and lifts. Also, it’s pretty spacious, the cupboard is good and large. Study table is spacious enough, the lamps are bright enough. I really like Carr-Saunders a lot!

30 November 2017

Great experience! It’s the smallest hall, so everyone knows each other. The rooms were recently renovated so that’s nice. It’s around 25 mins from campus, but it’s not a bad walk. The food is alright too.

30 November 2017

Brilliant location - very close to the uni and cool area of Soho. Also really good transport links that’ll get you most places you wanna go fairly easily. Rooms have just been refurbished and are pretty nice. Facilities etc are pretty standard.