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22 January 2019

the hall is great, really close to Metric the union club, and the union bar 568, so the location is perfect. really close to campus so you can wake up super late and still make it on time. plus its next to the albert hall and hyde park so what more could you want! rent was a little expensive, but makes sense for the location, but my room was great

22 January 2019

was fantastic location, close to campus and the beautiful royal albert hall as well as other great buildings such as the science museum, the natural history museum and victoria and albert museum. it is also close to many nice restaurants and shops and a big sainsbury's grocery store is close by (about 15min walk) for students to buy cheap food. room rent includes all the standard furniture you expect to need as a student eg. bed, desk, chair, desk and bed lamps, heating, drawers, shelves, en suite toilet if you pay a bit more and a kitchen with all the typical electrical appliances.

22 January 2019

Next to union - is ideal Has a nice quad - have a bbq Next to lectures - close if you even go Museums - become cultured Is kinda far from the station though - a whole 12 minutes if you amble leisurely Rooms are small and wooden - beds are teeny tiny

22 January 2019

location is great as it is so close to many shops, restaurants, bars and public transport is everywhere so easy and convenient to travel to central london high streets which is already quite close. the room is relatively decent sized with a big kitchen that was cleaned regularly. my room had the necessities provided, eg bed, desk, desk lamps, bedside table and lamp, shelf, drawers and pin board. unfortunately, the rooms were only cleaned once a month which i think is not regular enough since vacuum cleaner weren't even provided for every kitchen. also, the noise from the bar next door was unbearable on certain days. there is also a nice common room with a tv, snooker table, table tennis table which was nice to play with with friends.

22 June 2018

The location is super close to campus, located on Prince Consort Road next to the Royal Albert Hall. The Wardens and Hall Seniors that run the hall are super friendly, and really do ensure your safety, happiness and wellbeing. They run events multiple times a week from cake nights, movie nights, big Sunday breakfasts as well as bigger events throughout the year for special occasions. The rooms are moderate in size, bigger rooms located with en-suites in the West and East wings. They have a games room with pool table, table tennis, table football as well as loads of sofas to enjoy talking with friends. Kitchens are cleaned everyday and your room every few weeks.

7 June 2018

The location was ideal ! 5 minutes from the unuversity plus you get to live next to royal albert hall thus get to see celebs whenever an event is on ! Downside is that the halls are quite old themzelves. The rooms advertised are nothing like the actual ones (in a bad way)

1 April 2018

I had a single ensuite room which was ideal for me! The halls are SO close to everything on campus, 3 minute walk to my lectures and 4 minutes to central library - and 2 of those minutes were spent in the lift from the 4th to ground floor! My room overlooked the Albert Hall which was an amazing view. Obviously the rooms are located in the same building as the Union which means there’s always something going on (and free entries to Sports nights!!!), but even outside of the union the hall seniors regularly organise free pizza/movies/alcohol/games/breakfast so getting to know everyone is easy - and who doesn’t like free food??? I miss living in Beit all the time!!!

16 March 2018

very close to university and nice ensuite rooms. cleaners for kitchen available every weekday but the rent per week is a bit expensive

16 March 2018

very close to university and nice ensuite rooms. cleaners for kitchen available every weekday but the rent per week is a bit expensive

4 March 2018

Quality establishment, great free breakfast. Near to uni and union which is all you really need. Woodward

24 February 2018

Location is perfect, only a 10min walk to my campus. It is really close to many restaurants, shops and tube station and bustops so its suoer easy for me to get around London. Also, it is relatively cheap for the room size i have as well as the location as it is subsidised for students. Moreover, it accommodates 400+ other people so it is very social.

24 February 2018

Great location, literally 2 minutes from campus. Large Sainsbury's 15 minutes walk away. Being between the museums and Hyde park and only 10 minutes from Soho means there's always something to do. Always easy to get back from a night out thanks to night buses and night tube. Union next door means you always feel involved. Flats aren't self contained which makes it easier to make friends across different flats and corridors. Large airy rooms with big windows. Plenty of light and a large desk.

Samuel Timmers
24 February 2018

Living in Beit hall has a combination of positive and negative aspects, which depending on your personality will suit you or annoy you. The positive aspects are: It is located incredibly close to the university, has plenty of social activities organised by the hall including Sunday free breakfast and occasional chances to go see a discounted play, the union bar and club are next door and can be reached for free during sports nights, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and lasting friendships are built there. The accommodation includes two common rooms, one has a TV and the other a pool table & table football table, and there's a laundry room with washing machines and dryers. Negative: The main drawback of this accommodation is the price of the rooms and the size. My single bedroom was around 5-6m^2, which is tiny considering I'm 2m myself, and it cost a fortune living there. The room size was unusual however, as my room had a balcony which I could not access and reduced my room size. All in all I am happy with being there, and of the many choices Imperial offered this is definitely one of the better ones.

29 December 2017

Across the road from South Ken campus, literally an extension of the union bar (not too noisy- good fun), decent rooms and facilities, kitchens are shared by about 10 which is fine depending on the people, lots of free pizza/drinks events throughout the year, VIWS OF THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL for the lucky few on the East wing which comes with the best seats in the house for red carpets!

28 December 2017

Extremely good location, very near university. However, there can be noisy on weekends and Wednesday nights.