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6 January 2019

Very student friendly. Always something happening. Lots of clubs to choose from and in the centre of Liverpool. Always deals on such as half price drinks and can use student discount in some places too. Also good during the day to get something to eat and spend time with friends

6 January 2019

Concert Square is a square that is home to some great pubs and bars ,it's a square I know that on any trip into Liverpool city centre I will always visit . This square is a magnet for every stag and hen party that hits Liverpool but don't let that put you off,I love to visit here midweek or in the afternoon were you can sit outside and enjoy a meal or a drink,there's some great pubs and bars here,I am particularly impressed at the moment with Einsteins Bier Haus and I always drop into McCooley's and The Lime Kiln Pub, The Crafty Chandler Pub is always a good stop off for a craft beer but there's so many other pubs,bars and restaurants not just in the square but also in the streets leading into Concert Square. Concert Square may not be to everyone's taste, come the weekend this area is rammed ,a very boisterous square indeed but in my opinion if your planning a trip to Liverpool most definitely well worth seeking out.

6 January 2019

Good venue, great atmosphere, friendly place to be a student and the music is always on point Good venue, great atmosphere, friendly place to be a student and the music is always on point Good venue, great atmosphere, friendly place to be a student and the music is always on point Good venue, great atmosphere, friendly place to be a student and the music is always on point Good venue, great atmosphere, friendly place to be a student and the music is always on point Good venue, great atmosphere, friendly place to be a student and the music is always on point

6 January 2019

Came here with a group of friends last month, really enjoyed our night. Busy, upbeat atmosphere and plenty of choice

6 January 2019

It was fun when I was 18 but I'm almost 21 and it just full of kids, especially black rabbit and bar baar... McCooleys is good though. Day drinks as Soho are nice, especially when the sun is out, the square is like a sun trap it's great

6 January 2019

Amazing atmosphere as it's always bustling with lots of people. While the crowd is mainly young students, there is still a large a range of ages as it's a great place for large group of hen and stag do's. Wide range of clubs to go in, although the music is all very similar.

6 January 2019

A very vibrant area, has a very holiday feeling. The bars are all surrounding the outdoor heating area which are all free entry. Only downfall is that drinks can be found to be more pricy here then other student places.

6 January 2019

Very good location with plenty of event for everyone to enjoy. All types of students can have a different night out and they're all together. Only issue is taxis at the end of the night can cause problems.

6 January 2019

I really love concert square. The atmosphere is amazing and the people you meet are so so friendly. I love the fact that the seating area is heated, perfect for those late night, winter nights out! The variety of music from the clubs around concert square is great. You can be in a club playing old school R&B music and then pop next door for some techno. A club for every type of music taste really. Most of the places have really friendly staff, although on a few occasions there have been some that haven't been just so nice but that is really rare. I like the fact that the drinks are cheap enough. It is a proper student night out to say the least. £20 could definitely get you a good night out and if it doesn't, you're doing it wrong. I think, personally, my favourite bar is Mccooleys. I think it is because it is always filled with such a great vibe, students and is just a cheap night out. You've got a pool table, dj, some nights live music and not one, but two bars!! What more could you want?

6 January 2019

The atmosphere in concert square is lovely, always have a good night out with my uni mates. Quite good value for money and close to station and places to call a taxi.

6 January 2019

Concert square has something for everyone, a lovely atmosphere and hundreds of deals for students. A perfect place for any night out whether it be student night on a Thursday or just a Saturday night, it's in the heart of the city with many shops and restaurants surrounding it making it the perfect place for a night out in Liverpool.

6 January 2019

Good mixture of clubs and bars, there are many r&b clubs such as ink, pure and bar bar but there are also many clubs with different genres of music such as house. There is something to suit everyone, it is easy to access and find your way round and perfect for any occasion. Many clubs here are open everyday of the week.

6 January 2019

Great atmosphere, lots of people and places to go to. Good mixture of music types: pop, cheesy, rap, top charts. Not too bad prices, the cocktails are good in modo and soho and the prices of drinks in mccooleys is about average, about £3 a drink on average. There's also a spoons for those wanting big pitchers for good prices, these taste great and there's always a great atmosphere here.

6 January 2019

Overall it is a very lively atmosphere with many bars around. All with different genres of music and a different feel altogether. My fav would be mccooleys.

6 January 2019

Fantastic friendly atmosphere, all the clubs and bars are right next to each other so great to explore different places!

6 January 2019

It's got a great and very lively atmosphere especially on weekends and it's a great place to day drink during the summer since its got out door seating and for the winter it has heater lamps and umbrellas. Good cheap drinks with student cards and lots of clubs and bars to choose from.

9 August 2018

Best place to go in Liverpool either during the day or at night especially when it’s a nice day can sit outside and order food and drinks listening to music with a really good atmosphere

Keeley Forrester
21 July 2018

The nightlife is always vibrate within concert square, the 3 bar in the main square are all free entry with lovely atmospheres inside and out so you can swap and choose between the bars each night, it has also got a lot better since they have renovated modo

10 July 2018

Everything about the place is good like 6 clubs within a 2 minute walk of each other cheap drinks and open til 6 in the morning, I mean what else do you wanna ask for, all the staff know the score and always are very friendly. The shisha as well is quite cheap so if you have a group of 6 or 7 mates you can rock up and enjoy the sunshine.

9 July 2018

Great value for money during the week on student nights, very lively and there’s not a quiet night in the week! Lots of great places to eat during the day too and there are lots of high end clubs and just general clubs with a student night every weekday. Including a big event every Friday at Medical in the Arts Club.

7 July 2018

Few decent bars in concert square. Good atmosphere and good value drinks. Worth a trip there whilst out in Liverpool.

2 July 2018

Con err square in Liverpool is by far the best and most lively clubbing square of all the north west, cheap drinks, lots of selection and a wide selection of music, what's not to miss

1 July 2018

AMAZING! over 20 bars/pubs and clubs to chose from! So good for student night life! Wouldn’t go anywhere else in Liverpool for a night out! Loved it!

28 June 2018

This place is amazing. So many bars couldn't tell you the best one. So many deals on all the time. All music types.