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11 November 2018

The best part about it is the location, literally minutes walk away from the city campuses. It's also really modern which is nice, but is expensive. The rooms are also pretty small with little floor space but loads of storage. The social experience has been great there's so many students who live here and close to other accommodations like grand central so you have great opportunities to meet loads of new people especially during freshers with the flat parties. The accommodation team also host events with free food which you can go to if you want.

11 November 2018

Nice accommodation however the rooms are small and lack storage and clothes space. The showers are extremely small however the modern kitchen and lounge makes up for this

11 November 2018

The location is great, so close to the city centre campuses so no expenses on travel to or from uni and ideal for free periods to go home. The staff are really friendly and always there to help. My room is so modern and I love the vibe of the whole accommodation. Nice 3/4 beds, lots of storage and en-suite. Just not much floor space. Only downside it's abit pricey.

11 November 2018

Amazing! Staff are super friendly always there when you need them! Rooms are so modern and homely ! Helps being so close to university and town

13 June 2018

My review on st lukes view were that the halls are quite mediocre for the price that you are paying, with paying 138 a week this year which has now increased to 142 for new students the halls do not offer anything exceptional that stands out and the only thing I can think of that is actually good about them is the location to the university and town centre. While I know about other halls that are substantially cheaper with more things included like communal TVs etc I just do not think that unite students can justify charging the price that they charge for these halls as they are grossly over priced and very underwhelming.

2 April 2018

Amazing, super modern ideal location everything is where you need it within less than 5 minuted ! Staff really friendly and helpful and so much on offer facilities wise, always something going on like flat parties

30 March 2018

Amazing ! So modern and clean and staff are so friendly! There’s always parties and prees going on and common room is a good place to chill and watch tv with everyone

14 March 2018

The rooms are amazing and clean, bathroom a little small but fine for one person, small double is amazing!! Nice big windows so the rooms don’t feel too too small. Overall lovely place to live if you wanna pay a bit more for your halls.

Keeley Forrester
12 February 2018

My uni accommodation is amazing, I have less than a 5 minute walk to the nightlife and my uni buildings therefore the location is great, I am on a high up level so I also get a beautiful view of st Luke's church and the dock area. The facilities they offer is amazing I never have to wait long to use the wash room and the bins are cleaned regularly, my room and kitchen is equipped with all the necessary needs and more. My accommodation offers a great social experience it not only offers study rooms and a common room but it also puts on events such as Chinese New Year in order to bring the whole accomdation together no matter what culture your from, it is also great as there is often free snacks in the reception area and free tea and coffee is available which is great when leaving the building into the cold. The Internet access is really good and I rarely struggle to get a connection

Keeley Forrester
24 January 2018

The location is amazing it is less than a 5 minute walk to the nightlife, but you can’t hear it which is good and it’s about a 20 minute walk into town for shopping, the facilities are great we have amazing kitchen appliances and the social space that is provided is a lovely area whether you want to study watch tv or play pool. I love my room loads it is roomy with a 3/4 bed, I have a great amount of storage and the bathroom facilities are really good, I have a big desk which I’d find really useful when needing to spread my work out.

28 December 2017

Amazing location and so modern, friendly staff and great environment to live in for my first year of uni. Good value for money

30 November 2017

Right in the city centre so walking distance from clubs and bars! Modern interior and helpful staff, would be even better if it had a gym.