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17 November 2018

Philharmonic is low-key the best student halls UoL has to offer. It was the most expensive admittedly however it was worth the price. The rooms were large and spacious and the kitchen were well equipped and comfortable. The court yard gave a feeling of security as everyone who entered had to walk past the security guard and through the courtyard. The location was optimal aswell as it was close to multiple amenities such as Co-op, Gregg's, Nero's to name and few. Overall I would definitely recommend choosing Philharmonic Halls if you don't mind paying a little bit extra for that quality and comfort

17 November 2018

Beautiful place, staff on hand 24/7. Easy access to washing machines (that are a bit expensive but all washing is at uni), easy access to a communal area and a quite study area all in the main reception part. Separate buildings and floors so can't be accessed by anyone without a key card to the specific part. Good size rooms, and huge kitchen/living area. Bit on the expensive side but you get what you pay for.

17 November 2018

The flats are a really nice size and they're kept so clean. Very good for social although the RAs could ease up a little with shutting down pres at the weekend at 11. It isn't the weekend and we are at uni

17 November 2018

I moved into these halls from Carnatic as I felt I couldn't fit in, once I arrived at philharmonic I knew I would be happier. The halls are extremely clean and have staff on site at all times to assist you, they're also very friendly ! My room size was perfect and I loved the kitchen even more it was very spacious for parties. Most rooms overlook the courtyard which gives it an intimate feel as the halls aren't that big so it's quite easy to get to know the people living around you. It is also right on campus, it took me 2 minutes to walk to one of my lectures which was great as I didn't get up 20 mins before my lecture ! It's also a 2 minute walk from a Greggs, cafe Nero and a co-op for bits and pieces but is a 10-15 min walk right to the centre of Liverpool. Definitely in the middle of it all as I would walk to clubs like ebgbs, arts club and concert square.

17 November 2018

Really nice halls and the rooms are lovely! Our year has more girls living here than boys generally which is a slight negative but if you're happy living more with girls then it's good! The kitchens/living spaces are the biggest of the halls I've seen and they're cleaned regularly. There are lots of amenities on site like the laundry room and common area. It's a lovely place to live and really easy to walk to uni and into town

23 June 2018

Excellent location with a 2 minute walk to campus. Rooms were spacious with a large desk and double bed as well as en suite bathroom. Shared kitchen areas spacious and modern and were cleaned every day in the week. Amazing halls.

25 April 2018

My room is very spacious! Great proximity to University, especially if like you you like to get out of bed half an hour before your lecture starts! Also walkable distance to Liverpool centre which is perfect after a night out and a 20 minute walk from Lime Street. There is a co-op round the corner which is open 7 till 11 daily, perfect if you need to pick something up or grab another bottle of coke or some more alcohol during pres. However, it is quite strict with noise and my flat have received various warnings and threats of fines. I do think it is great how your bins get emptied daily as well as a cleaner coming in 3 times a week. Overall, perfect location, but not perfect if you want a classic uni party lifestyle.

25 April 2018

The rooms are really spacious and you get a double bed which is good! The kitchens are also really modern and not like usual hall kitchens. Reception is always open and the courtyard is really pretty and nice to relax in. You are also in your own block so there’s often lots of different flat or block parties so it’s really social. Definitely the nicest halls I’ve seen just a little expensive

14 April 2018

the location of Philharmonic court is great as it is literally the centre of town on top of hope street, very close to all university buildings so location is great. the facilities are lovely very modern, the rooms aren't huge but they all have a toilet in them and are modern and attractive. the social experience is good but there are a lot of doors and key cards, although it isn't a big accommodation this can mean there isn't loads of people to meet but it also means that you know everyone in your accommodation. it was a very nice halls to stay in mostly because it was so close to town and because it was so swanky

10 April 2018

Philharmonic Court is in the best location. It is 8 minutes from town and 8 minutes from Uni! The halls are controlled well, they ensure that no strangers enter the building and ensure the noise levels are at a minimum after 11pm. The staff are very helpful and sort any maintanance issues as soon as possible! Relatively expensive oer week, but worth it as the rooms are big, double beds and it's newly built and modern.

2 April 2018

One sercurity guard Brian that is absolutely wonderful the rest are okay. Day staff are okay except from one who is nasty. They’re strict on music and noise at times and have older students who look out for trouble. Rooms are nice but shower in ensuit floods bathroom no matter what. Kitchen appliances are ok, staff clean kitchen Monday - Friday around 12 but when they think people are home in holidays they come earlier and have no consideration for other and make loads of noise

27 February 2018

Great location. Friendly, helpful staff 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Tidy and comfortable rooms. Social area, wash romm and study room onsite

20 January 2018

Pricey but worth every penny.incredible location, good room size, regular cleaning. Amazing social opportunities across blocks and floors.

18 January 2018

The location was decent, 10-15 minute walk from the university campus and about the same into town. Rooms were very nice and modern and cleaner very often.

18 January 2018

Slightly on the pricey side, but otherwise can't fault it! In an ideal location - 10 minutes' walk from uni, 15 minutes walk from the main social and shopping area in the city (slightly longer on the way back up after a few drinks!), and generally a really nice accommodation. All rooms have double beds and ensuites, and it's very modern (3 years old (2017/18))

17 January 2018

Room was good, kitchen was nice. Expensive but fancier than other accomodations. Would stay in crown tbh. WiFi always seemed to be dodgy, think it was the whole uni WiFi though.

28 December 2017

Location is incredible - outside the border of campus, so you get a break from uni but also a 3 min walk to the south campus teaching hub. Price is a little steep but totally worth it - 24 hour reception, ensuites, double beds, secure locking flats and big kitchens (which are perfect for pres). Big desks with pin boards and looooads of storage.

2 December 2017

The halls in general are lovely, reception staff and security guard and cleaners are so nice and understanding and really look after us. RA’s and warden however are quite rude and not very understanding. Bedrooms and kitchen are generous size and nice and modern, but social life and fun slowly destroyed by RA’s and warden.