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22 November 2018

5 minutes walk away from the campus center. Safe housing with gated entrance. Melville Grove is a 5 minute walk away from the campus centre. The rooms are spacious with lovely communal areas of a joint kitchen diner. The Facilities are modern and functional. It's the cheapest accommodation offered by the univerity of Liverpool. It's a very social atmosphere with communal out door areas allowing you to meet other flats.

22 November 2018

Choosing halls before you start university isn't an easy decision. Saying that Melville Grove was my first choice and I'm very glad it was. It's only a 5 minute walk from uni and 20 minutes from town. The accommodation is very nice with a spacious kitchen and living room which are great for pres. Also it's the cheapest self-catered accommodation going at Liverpool.

22 November 2018

Amazing location - walking distance to uni, town and train station. Good for being social but less social than other halls like Carnatic

22 November 2018

Definitely the best halls of residence for an all rounded experience! Layout of the houses is great and although its shared bathroom they are cleaned for you along with all other communal areas (eg Kitchen). Ideally placed on campus with only a 15 minute walk into town and bars round the corner. nice big kitchens and social areas inside and outside.

Charlotte Wylie
22 November 2018

Amazing accommodation, very expensive compared to other universities, but the cheapest at Liverpool and the nicest. Modern houses with a triweekly cleaner, big kitchen, two bathrooms and seven people per house. Great atmosphere and very family like houses. The Student's Union are also working on making the rent cheaper. And the best location, directly on campus, 2 minutes from my lectures.

9 July 2018

Very clean building as newly renovated and good amount of people within the living facilities. However there is little availability for socialising an it can make it difficult to meet other people within the halls

Charlotte Wylie
14 June 2018

Great facilities: big kitchen, spacious rooms and cleaners 2-3 times a week. Cheap price and lots of events. Social life is fun, only problems included not having its own permanent reception and some of the RAs.

2 May 2018

I loved living at Melville as it’s on campus and easy to get to lectures. It’s also pretty center in Liverpool so easy to get to nightlife and town! The accommodation is really modern and nice and clean.

30 April 2018

Melville Grove is an excellent residency when it comes to location and outside looks, but when it comes to comfort I cant say the same. Lights bright as hospitals, beds that gives you back pain and really pour taste when it comes to decoration of the rooms. The outside common area is really nice, I just think they could put some heater lights so we wouldn't freeze while having cigarettes. They have an amazing staff that will always help out when you need anything and are always in good mood doing so. Overall is a good hall to live in, just needs a few improvements.

9 April 2018

Great location and friendly atmosphere.probably slightly less social than halls such as Carnatic due to less people in each block but very enjoyable year spent in these halls. Quality of facilities is excellent

9 April 2018

The location was excellent - very convenient for both university and town. The double rooms were fairly spacious.

7 April 2018

Location was perfect - on campus, literally across the road from the library and a 2 minute walk to my lecture theatres. As the cheapest accommodation in my year at £130 and a double bed it was perfect for me. Shared bathroom facilities were fine as we separated the girls bathroom from the boys and kept it clean - even so cleaners came in every other day to keep it to a good standard. Had no maintenance issues, only general frustration was having to go over the road to Crown Court to get our mail. No dodgy neighbours or any dangerous activities going on as security cameras were on and it was a decent part of town with it being next to the university. The houses were about 7 people sharing, which is quite a big house, however compared to places like Carnatic and greenbank very antisocial and difficult to mingle and find others outside your own house. I enjoyed my year there but if I had the chance to go back would probably have chosen Carnatic or greenbank, as melville made it quite hard to make decent friends. Room was spotless, massive desk and plenty of space, definitely the best quality rooms the uni halls have to offer, but does possibly cost your social life!

26 March 2018

Melville Grove is one of the university halls of Liverpool. It is very close to the university, and just opposite the Sydney Jones library which is perfect for late night study sessions. It is only a short walk from the city. The facilities are very modern; each bedroom has a sink and the bathrooms are cleaned to an excelled standard.

23 March 2018

The halls themselves are a slightly different layout to what you would expect as normal student accommodation. They are set out like little houses. They have two shared bathrooms between 7 people and thought that may put some people off, I much preferred this to having an ensuite as the bathrooms got cleaned 3 times a week so there was almost never mess or dirt, as the same with the kitchens. The cleaners even emptied the bins so we didnt have to! I had a double room and it was very big and spacious. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Melville and was lucky to meet a great group of friends, although some people may say it isnt the liveliest of the halls! The price is also why I chose this accommodation as it was the cheapest option on campus but in my opinion also the best value for money.

6 March 2018

It's a clean space generally (depends how bad the flatmates are where cleaners can decide not to touch the kitchen). The noise can be gears if you want to have a quiet night but neighbours have other pland. Good option for those with subjects in arts and humanities as it's so close. Looks a bit like a retirement village though. However most of the accomodation at the uni are not too bad with space given.

26 February 2018

Very sociable accommodation with nice setup shared bathrooms beds are mainly all singles. Close to the university only a 2 minute walk to most lectures.

22 February 2018

Actually think it’s the best University accomodation at Liverpool Uni. All like individual houses, but part of a complex that has events so you meet and socialise with people from other houses. Single rooms are good size, no enquirer (not a problem - don’t know why this is deciding factor for some) and gets cleaned like 3 times a week. Only downside I think is that it is expensive (though it is the cheapest University accom)

7 February 2018

I'm so grateful that I could be in Melville in first year. I think they are one of the best halls for socialising. You get to know so many different houses just by sitting outside during freshers because everyone congregates outside. The RA's are dead relaxed and so you never get done for having loud predrinks or anything, but in Crown the pres always get shut down at 11. The halls are new and modern, and so are up to Crown Places standards now. The was the layout works means that 7 people share a house, with a big kitchen (2 ovens/stoves, microwave, kettle, toaster, 3 fridges and a freezer) and 2 bathrooms. The shared bathroom thing really shouldn't put you off, they're bigger than the single bathrooms that you would have in other halls, and they get cleaned for you so they're not grim at all. You have to share at home anyway so its not a big change.

24 January 2018

Most under rated accommodation in Liverpool. Very good location to the university and town. Most friends who have came to visit from Crown and Vine have said they would choose Melville if they could choose again, the shared bathroom had put them off but the cleaners come most days and it's honestly fine sharing. The kitchen facilities are good and any problems get sorted within 3 days. Also the most sociable halls due to the layout of the houses and the smoking area (even if you don't smoke) helps you make friends with people you don't know from other houses.

24 January 2018

Great location to uni, 5min walk to guild, 15_20 mins into town. Really sociable halls as people make friends outside at parties, RAs are helpful and get involved in socials, cleaners are really friendly and the rooms are a good size

19 January 2018

Quiet small single room but storing space is huge. No nearby social area because the reception is 5 minutes away (also a burden is you locked yourself out because the reception is relatively far. Very close to the south part of the campus and only 4 minutes walk to the Sydney Jones Library.

19 January 2018

Lovely place, great furnishings and homely feel. Helpful staff and in a great location close to university and town.

18 January 2018

Amazing location: 5-10 minute walk to lectures and a 15 minute walk to town. Big kitchen with plenty of room for cooking, hosting prinks and socialising. Melville Grove is like a village in it's own right with seperate houses but plenty of communal areas. My room is big enough, has a huge desk, a double wardrobe, plenty of shelf space and room to move about.

18 January 2018

Really homey and good space. The use of furniture is brilliant utilisation of a small space also! Would recommend to anyone! So close to University meaning you cal literally roll out of bed to go to your lectures whilst also walking distance for nights out! Round the corner from a Tesco Express which is open late and so handy!