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28 November 2018

A short walk to the city centre, library and main campus for Sciences, Engineering and Technology students. Mainly populated with first year students which make it so easy for new students to get settled and find friends. Kitchen and room were basic but very comfortable. They had a small common room which i hardly used however due it being an estate like accomodation with multiple blocks of flats there was loads of room to socialise especially during the summer. Spent my first year here and made my uni experience the best 3 years possible. Would highly recommend.

28 November 2018

Super close to uni, but a bit further out of the city centre than I would prefer but I don't mind. The rooms are a great size with a lot of storage space. Hella cheap for an ensuite room.

28 November 2018

The place here is really secure, you have your own bathroom which is great. Also the place is pretty quite and calm except sometimes in the weekend the freshers go a bit wild. Distance wise its perfect if you study at LJMU's buildings on Byrom Street,it's a five minute walk.

Catriona Thomson
28 November 2018

The best student halls I've lived in while at University. So easy to meet new people and grouped flatmates really well

28 November 2018

Living at Liberty Atlantic Point is amazing its only 15 mins walk from the city centre. The rooms have a small double bed and your own private bathroom what more could you want for only £99 pw. The staff are friendly and they always are putting on events such as a BBQ for all the students. The only downside of living here is the circuit washing machines but thats only a small thing. Honestly love living in LAP.

27 November 2018

The location is only a 5 minute walk from the city campus and about a 15 min walk to the centre. Great facilities with laundry on site. Good sized kitchens and rooms for the cheapest price in Liverpool.

27 November 2018

Friendliest staff always welcoming and forethcoming. Bed mattress is so comfy. Kitchen is a good size.

27 November 2018

Cheap accommodation with your own bathroom. Its big, clean and central. About 10 minutes walk to town and 2 minute walk to campus.

21 June 2018

Reception staff are wonderful and helpful, manager is a self righteous pain in the backside, who seems to have a God complex because she is the property manager looking after lots of young adults. she hates the fact i am older than the rest of the 18 year olds around, and due to my military background, i dont put up with her screaming and shouting in our faces and again, she doesnt like that! everything else is pretty good though, will be back here next year to stay.

19 June 2018

Excellent accommodation, very clean and modern. Good security and staff are very friendly and welcoming. Great location as it is is near to the science building and 15 minute walk into Liverpool one

16 June 2018

It was handy to have a room with your own bathroom. The rooms were spacious with a comfortable bed. Any maintenance issues were addressed quickly and took no more than 2 days to fix even the biggest of issues

7 June 2018

Location was great for university but a little further than others to town. The bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry room was nice and worked well. Social experiences were focused on here w Th lots of social events in the main hub area, such a free BBQ’s and parties. The rooms were big for a university bedroom with a decent sized bed and good storage.

4 June 2018

General manager is rude and obnoxious, think she’s God’s gift and that she rules over all us students when really she’s a miserable cow that stays in her office yelling at scared first year students till they bow down and lick her ring. Accommodation is sound until the unexpected visits catching everyone off guard

1 June 2018

Decent room sizes and good security. The kitchens are a decent size for everyone to cook and relax in.

10 April 2018

Loved my experience, really nice staff and lovely rooms and en suites. Loved the social room in the centre and how everyone went their before going out!

Tiegan Wright
28 March 2018

Amazing rooms, good events held to make students feel welcome and comfortable. And maintainence are amazing

9 March 2018

Staff are friendly and issues get fixed quickly. There's always free stuff happening, we got pancakes on pancake day, free pizza and sometime pallets of food or drinks are outside the office for us to take.

5 March 2018

There were very few marks and damages to the property when we moved in and any problem we had was taking care of almost immediately after its report, good location and the rooms are great, just maybe a bit too expensive.

27 February 2018

The halls provide a very high level of security with helpful and friendly staff. The kitchen and social area are very nice and well furnished. The rooms are a good size with a small double bed. The only problem is the showers are very low pressure!

19 January 2018

Clean and warm and tidy and modernish with everything you need. Social side is a bad as there is no common area etc. Good location as its 5 minute walk to university on Byrom Street

18 January 2018

Location close to uni and also town, events throughout the year at the accommodation. Room is a good size with a good bathroom (shower a bit small with a bit of a step but for student accommodation it’s very good) kitchen includes everything needed.

28 December 2017

Absolutely brilliant location- 10 min walk to town and 2 min walk to Byrom street campus! Feel very secure as 24 hour security

28 December 2017

I loved the fact that this accommodation is like a little village it just seems instantly homely. I feel like it's ever so slightly out of the way but the location in terms of closeness to the university is ideal. The social experience was brilliant as there are various blocks and the whole block I was staying in would get together for movie nights and nights out which was really fun.

28 December 2017

Excellent location, 5 minutes from the university and 15 from the town center Very Friendly staff The accommodation is very secure The rooms are all lovely and clean and come with an ensuite Very reasonably priced