Hayes House

8th in Lincoln



The location of Hayes House is brilliant! It’s right in the centre of Lincoln and not even a 10 minute walk to the university. The facilities are okay, most of the rooms are very dull and feel a bit like prison cell because of the large bricks that make up the rooms! The social experience was okay, I didn’t really socialise much with my fellow flat mates as they were extremely messing and constantly left the communial area in an absolute state! The room that I lived in for my first year was pretty good as I had my own en-suite bathroom with a walk in shower. The windows were very hard to open and consequently made the room get very damp and moldy quite quickly into my tenancy. But the room I had was very large with a double bed which was quite comfortable. There was a desk with a lot of room for a television, computer and simple decor items. Overall my room was a good starting point for my first year at university but I would recommend doing your research and looking around all of your choices before choosing Hayes House to reside in.


Was very easy to mix with new people and make lots of friends. I also loved how secure it was which allowed me to know that only students would be able to get in and no random people would be able to get into my flat.