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3 December 2018

There are a few late night, trendy bars to go to, but they're quite spread out. There are a range of shops, in recent years the town has got more 'designer' shops like Jack Wills which has Improved the towns image. As for entertainment for young children I would personally say there are other paces to visit, although Ipswich does have a lot of parks with apparatus.

3 December 2018

Good range of places to eat and the usual variety of shops you'd expect from a smaller town. Good choice of cinemas with one in town centre and one a bit further out. Transport isn't great with the station being a 20 min walk out and expensive parking everywhere else as well as being quite busy to drive into the town.

9 July 2018

Bit dull, shit football team, nightlife isn’t great and public transport is average should’ve went UEA

21 February 2018

Not a huge town, but it's got everything that you need like cinema, shopping centre, nightclub and good transport routes to London etc. Nice waterfront location, plenty of cafes, restaurants and pubs. Wider Suffolk area has nice beaches and countryside

16 November 2017

Only one night club in the town though quite a few bars which dancefloors. Drinks are only cheap on a Thursday night.. Big choice of shops in town which is always growing!