Unit 17

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13 November 2018

Nice club, ruined slightly by people who go there, can be a bit funny/creepy. Bouncers handle it well though and had no major issues in the three years I've been going there. Drinks are cheap enough especially on student nights and disco room always plays some good songs

13 November 2018

Overall Unit 17 was a great venue for a night out and I enjoyed it having a break from coursework and actual work. We tried to get the free entry before 12 but got there at around 12.10 which was a little annoying, but the music was really good and it was a big venue.

13 November 2018

Great atmosphere, music was in sync, drink bar accessible, went with a group of friends and we had an amazing time partying the night away. The cost is an easy amount, and makes it easier for students to have a good time clubbing.

4 June 2018

Worst place possible for a night out, door staff are so arrogant and are just there for show on in front of their mates, they’re rude and kill the night before it’s begun, then there’s overpriced drinks.

30 April 2018

The bouncers in this club are so cocky and unprofessional, all jumped up thinking they’re just about that, and not really doing a very good job. The place smelt awful and drinks were overpriced.

23 April 2018

Bit smelly. Very rude bouncers. Although has a variety of student nights etc and cheap drinks on student night! It’s alright I guess. Could be better... but oh well that’s what you get when you go clubbing in Ipswich! Haha. Also, try not to mugged on your walk home.

20 April 2018

Sticky floors, but cheap drinks on a thursday! Fridays are good but saturdays are full of a lot older people. Thursdays are full of uni students so it is fun!

28 March 2018

The music is usually okay, good variety but can be repetitive. The price is stupidly high for such an underwhleming experience, Always way too empty and it’s mainly 17 year olds which just makes it feel like a school disco. The disco room is admittedly fun, because of the floor, but again it’s not anything special and not worth the money. I probably won’t return to this club again

24 March 2018

Club itself is good however the people of Ipswich ruin it, therefore student nights are better. The variety of music genres is good and the layout also good

13 March 2018

It is a decent night out, I like the fact that there is three rooms. There is quite of a lot of drama with this place though.

16 February 2018

Utter, utter shit, smells of old piss inside, overpriced drinks and jumped up security who are so far up their own arses, completely ruins the place

3 February 2018

shittttttttttttttttttttttt as hellllllllllll never recommend unless you like abuse off staff and treated like shit! Atmosphere is shit stuff is shit drinks are shit everything shit don’t waste your money stay in and have a pizza you’ll have a better time

26 January 2018

Constant fighting outside, overcharged by about 200%, rarely good music and assault from dj’s. Literally terrible. It’s close to maccies tho.