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Food good. People good. Good overall. The city is full of a lot of culture which boosts it into a position of excitement and diversity. The city has many different opportunities and things to offer and you will never ever be bored. There aren’t many great independent shops. Make sure to stop by.


Hull is a small city. The city Center has gone through a lot of change and improvement since being city of culture. There is a wide range of places to eat in Hull, whether chain restaurants of independent. From known restaurants like Nando’s, Zizzi, Dominos etc to smaller like BrazGrill or Thai House. From steakhouses to Chinese food, Hull has it. There are a lot of big shops in Hull. Shops like New Look, Topshop and River Island, Hull has at least 2 in the City Centre. There are a lot of shops for a small city. Hull, however doesn’t have an Apple Shop, which is a little bit inconvienient. But there is a verified seller in Princes Quay. There also aren’t many high end shops here. Shops like Harvey Nichols. There can be a lot to do in Hull when events are taking place. But on the average day, there isn’t a lot to do. There’s things like ice skating and trampolining. The cinema is quite cheap, at £5 for any movie for everyone. For other things, you’d have to go outside Hull. I’m general, Hull is a very cheap place to live. Travel within the city is cheap whether by bus or by taxi. Houses are fairly cheap.

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