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24 November 2018

Good facilities. Location quite far away from everything e.g. Town/main campus. Good room, could use a mirror. Lovely people.

24 November 2018

Being separated from the uni itself is quite nice and the rooms are a very good size. The bus service into town is also great to have although the timings are very unreliable. This isn't much of a problem in the day when they come very regularly but in the evening it can be irritating. The kitchens are a bit hit and miss and my flat's is very exposed right by where people like to go to smoke so opening the windows when cooking is unpleasant sometimes. Other than that the accommodation is great. Comfy beds, a nice separated feel between work and home and easy connections to elsewhere. The free WiFi routers in each room is also a great touch.

24 November 2018

Not the most spacious bedroom but has everything i need and the surroundings and beautifull. Sometimes its hard for me to sleep because of the noise people make outside and on other rooms or even upper floors (u hear EVERYTHING) and i feel like being faced to other buildings could be a bummer for someone who enjoys privacy with their windows opened but overall love my cosy nook.

24 November 2018

The room size is very good and the size of the kitchen too. Although the shower and room could have been cleaner before we moved in as I had to clean and vacuum it properly before unpacking. The noise level is good too.

13 June 2018

Manor park is ok but there is very few common rooms and laundries. It’s not the best value for money either .

5 June 2018

Great apartment, near Tesco and the sports centre. Wasn't too far from Uni but could do with becoming a little bit more modern. For example better ovens (maybe built in ones) and maybe a nice sofa or comfy chairs in the common areas.

4 May 2018

Very nice facilities and close to the sports park and Tesco's. However is quite expensive and far from uni and the town centre but the buses are good.

19 March 2018

There is a high standard of halls on Manor Park regarding the accommodation itself. It’s very clean, the reception desk is helpful and the maintenance is really great for a first year student. Honestly the kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities are all relatively new and kept in good condition, with only minor faults. However, Manor Park lacks any sort of social hub, other than the occasional events down at the quiet on site restaurant, there is really no common area to meet people in other blocks and kitchens can get overcrowded easily. There are common rooms in some blocks but these need to be booked in advance and as a result no one uses them! There should be a large common room at the end of each street so that people can mingle play pool and just hang out!

19 March 2018

The maintenance of the rooms on Manor Park are of a high standard. The kitchen facilities, ensuite bathrooms and cleanliness does make these accommodation halls appealing. However, there is no social hub or activities for first years regarding the locations of these halls. Other than the occasional event down at the local on site, usually quiet, restaurant, there is really no where to meet others on Manor Park. There are common rooms for rent which no one uses, it should therefore consider a common room area in each block with a tv, pool table etc..

8 March 2018

Clean and nice halls, kitchens were average! Quite expensive for what you get but better value than on campus accommodation. Only downfall is quite a walk to campus so a bus pass is required and you have to pay for a WiFi box.

8 March 2018

Clean and nice halls, kitchens were average! Quite expensive for what you get but better value than on campus accommodation. Only downfall is quite a walk to campus so a bus pass is required and you have to pay for a WiFi box.

2 March 2018

I don't mind the walk to uni everyday however the accomodation itself had had many faults for me including with the shower, sink, fridge and my heating.

28 February 2018

Really clean campus, decent size rooms and en suite. Could she done with a more social area so people didn’t have to sit in their rooms all day.

22 February 2018

They were always quick to respond when there were issues with the accommodation for example if something was broken or missing. We lived in rooms with on suit bathrooms and a shared kitchen between 6. It would have been nice to have a shared communal area which was not a kitchen.

26 January 2018

Mattress needs changing its lumpy and painful to sleep on. Hoover needs changing as every time I use it it smells of gone off cheese and they won't replace it.

9 January 2018

Ideal for any vet students at the uni. Located 2 minutes from lectures, 5 minutes from the gym and 10 minutes from Tescos, what more do you need? Paying £170 a week for a Band E room. Expensive but on par with rest of town, and comes with a double bed and ensuite. No real social areas apart from kitchens, but you can have a good time having pre drinks there before getting a bus into town to hit up the nightlife. WiFi is fantastic, whether for downloading lecture notes or for streaming Netflix. Overall rating 9/10.