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24 November 2018

Overpriced and not that good. Spent around two months here so far and don't have many friends yet. Some kitchens are small and some are big. There's no mirrors in some rooms which I think isn't fair.

30 April 2018

The facilities and the room itself are lovely and very well equipped however, being a 40 minute walk to the station and an almost 50 minute walk to town centre makes the location undesirable. Additionally I have found it difficult to socialise with a lot of my flatmates as they come from very different backgrounds to myself and have a vastly differing outcome of their university experience compared to mine.

22 March 2018

Room and kitchen was nice, flatmates were annoying. The fact that you couldn't choose or even fill out a questionnaire to say what your preferences are (ie. normal sleeping hours) meant people who liked being noisy or liked going out all the time (meaning they were noisy most nights) would be living with people who were completely disliked this. It didn't make it better that my flatemates (especially the one next door) didn't really turn down their loud booming music when I asked them to. Really annoying. All in all, it is a nice room. Just the kitchen was a mess and the noise levels exceeded normal levels which was a problem with my flatemates. Nothing new and a story that has probably been told before.

16 February 2018

Facilities we OK, but definitely could be refurbished as very old, and a lot accumulated issued. Wardens were horrible, if you want a sociable (especially at night) experience, manor park is not ideal.

28 December 2017

Rooms are a decent size, the kitchens are very small with very little cupboard space The TVs in the common rooms don’t work and the launderette often overcharges Internet is very slow