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There are various food places in town, limited halal options though. There are plenty of shops, with the town centre being pretty aswell. However, there is a lack of things to do in Guildford, usually have to travel out to Woking or London. Guildford as an area is also quite expensive. Despite this, Guildford is beautiful and a very calm place to live so would recommend for people who like a quiet time but don't mind travelling a bit for a fun time.


Guildford is not a big city but neither small. Calm, peaceful, I feel safe waling alone at night. 50% of teen here are university students from elsewhere, especially if you stay near the University of Surrey. Houses are expensive tho. It is not a cheap city since it is just 40 minutes away from London by train. A room can be 500-650 a month per person. Eating out is not cheap either. Night life is okay. There aren't too many nightclubs but you can still have fun with the right people.

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