GUU Beer Bar

167th in Nightlife
7th in Glasgow

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26 December 2018

Staff is very friendly, but the place is often not cleaned properly. Drinks are good value for money. There is no Tennents though, there should definitely be Tennents on tap. There are ATMs, but they are broken all the time, which needs fixing. Music is always good, there are several TVs as well and there's a jukebox. Overall, I really like Beerbar but it could be improved.

26 December 2018

Great atmosphere and everyone is really friendly. Good prices, especially for pints and has a juke box so there's always good sing a long songs on. The place smells awful though and the floors are always sticky and your shoes get coated, I make sure to never wear a good pair of shoes.

26 December 2018

Amazing atmosphere, always a fun night! Can be expensive for students however. Very relaxed rules and lots of friendly faces!

26 December 2018

Really great atmosphere that you don't get in many other places. Drinks are reasonably cheap as well. However, pints of fun are far too expensive and the hygiene is questionable. Still would pick it over most other bars

29 June 2018

Beer bar is the ultimate student bar. With pints from 2.20, double vodka mixers for 3.40 and pints of fun for 5.05 there's not much more you could ask for drinks wise. Main club nights along with Beer Bar include Hive on a Thursday and Switch Saturdays on a Friday, both of which are renowned for being a great night out. The atmosphere is always great also with the jukebox meaning students can't select the songs which are played out of the speakers, classics songs such as sweet Caroline resulting in the entire bar erupting into song. Would recommend to anyone.

26 April 2018

Great place to meet friends for a pint in between lectures, to hang out after a long day at Uni and a club night twice a week. Garunteed best place for Paddy’s day, and Daft Friday is an all night party! For 4 years this has been my local, has everything you need!

7 April 2018

The best place for glasgow uni student, loud and sticky but cheap! Also there's no way you won't see at least 10 people you know - it's such a good place for bevs after exams

1 April 2018

The venue is slightly dated but ideal for students and there is always a party atmosphere. Drinks are cheap, including the infamous ‘pint of fun’ (vodka, VK and lemonade). There are quiz nights and always good music. The staff and very friendly and efficient when serving. The venue is free to get into and a good place to go before Hive nightclub in the union.

1 April 2018

Always a good vibe in here! Perfect place to get enough drinks so you’re not constantly thinking about the sticky floors in hive.

30 March 2018

At weekends it is a bit pricey for it being a student bar - could probably get cheaper, or a least better quality, drinks in town. Not a lot of atmosphere and very little space for dancing etc. Their special, called a pint of fun, is okay as it is potent but it is also mostly sugar. The last time I was in, they had very little variety of alcohol and could not get tequila or sambuca shots.

13 March 2018

Great place to socialise with all students and get some good tunes on the jukebox. The union has a club, ‘Hive’, which is a great place to go out on a Thursday and Saturday.

12 March 2018

Not the cleanest of places but the ideal location for any student drinking event. Famed for its cheap pints and also infamous for its lack of rules!

2 March 2018

Very good atmosphere on Thursday. Student friendly. Pop music, can be repetitive. Good value for money.

28 February 2018

Beer bar is noisy, sweaty, and sticky but UofG students wouldn't have it any other way. Cheap booze, great atmosphere and on a Thursday/Saturday hive is just down the corridor. The duke box is another highlight - you'll always hear ABBA other classics.

9 February 2018

Best pub in town. Always a great atmosphere, cheap for students, pints of fun are a must! Great music, has people jumping up and down on the tables! Can not beat it. Nothing else like it in Glasgow