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2 November 2018

Wolfson Hall, apart from its location, is truly amazing. The staff is very helpful and always there to solve any problems you have. The fact that it is catered saves you a lot of time and the food is pretty good. The rooms are well designed and although quite small it has all the essential things. Since you all eat together socialising is very easy and Wolfson Hall is such a close knit community. The major disadvantage is having to take two buses every morning it univeristy but I would say that the rest outweighs the location, after all we get free bus cards.

30 June 2018

The location is much further off to the main campus (2 buses away) but is very near the vet campus (10 minutes walk). The facilities for students include 3 common rooms which are spacious but the number of common rooms should be increased. Wolfson Hall is 50% vets so it is a great opportunity to mix with your vet yearmates. It is also catered so this is good for students first leaving home and not really knowing how to cook. My room had a single bed and shared toilets. Depending on your flatmates, the toilets and fridge could be clean or dirty.

25 April 2018

The halls experience here is incredibly social and vibrant. A very warm and friendly place with a great scene and great people

25 April 2018

There are both good and bad bits about wolfson. I found that I really enjoy the community aspect of it and the ability to make friends with anyone in the halls rather than being more confined within a flat. The food is a bit hit or miss especially the dinners but the breakfasts and the bruches on the weekend are good. The location is good for getting to the vet school but is a bit of a hassle for everyone else.

16 April 2018

If you aren't a vet, Wolfson Hall is one of the worst places you can be in. It is too far away, even if they discount the bus pass price. Buses are awful and they take forever. You don't have to take only one bus to uni, but two. In addition, the second bus has very limited timetables so if you want to go out in West End or come back from a club that trains later, you will have to walk. The food is not horrible but the times are very bad. Meaning if you don't have morning lectures you will most likely not have breakfast. Also, they don't provide lunch, but you don't have places to cook either as you only get a microwave, a kettle and a fridge. So you will have to spend money on food anyway if you don't want to starve to death. Dinner finished at 7pm so for international students not used to this times we would be very hungry later. Social areas are quite good as you get lots of places with trees and grass (even if you wont be able to enjoy them because of the weather) and many tv rooms which are quite good. Finally, the rooms aren't the worst thing but they could be way better compared to other student accommodations. The only good thing is that by being forced to eat on the cantine and by being exiled so far away you will get to meet lots of people in the same position as you.

8 March 2018

Wolfson was a good location for me when I was going to uni as I was at the vet school and so only a short walk away, however getting into town and to the main uni building a was a pain. The social experience was good, I met loads of people on my course really quickly and the student support offered movie nights etc. The social areas were ok, but the sofas were pretty old and grim and we weren’t allowed to meet in them for a drink so we always had to cram into someone’s room for pres. I lucked out with my room and got a pretty big room where I shared the toilet with only one other person. I’d say it’s not great value for money, Wolfson is catered so the extra money would go on food, but the food was really average or bad most meals and you also spend more money getting yourself into the west end so it’s quite costly for what you get. The WiFi and internet were always fine. Never had a problem with it.

2 March 2018

Some say Wolfson is like prison, in that its difficult to escape from and the food is not enjoyable. It wasn't all bad though, good friends and cheaper than cooking for myself.

27 January 2018

The rooms are nice, no complaints. What is a nightmare is the distance to the university for lectures etc. Having to get two buses first thing in a morning isn't ideal and can take up to an hour. Food is nice enough but there could be more options.

28 December 2017

If you are a vet student then these halls are ideal as they are only 10 minutes from your campus. They are very far away from the main university campus unfortunately, however they did contain a small library as well as a computer suite and games room. As they are catered you will probably meet most of your friends either in the dining hall or in the shared snack kitchens and there is a nice atmosphere amongst the students. Most of the rooms are of a good size and the shared kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned everyday during the week.