Kelvinhaugh Street

19th in Glasgow



The location of the Kelvinhaugh Street accommodations is great. I’m close enough to the university that I don’t feel like I’m walking for hours to get to campus and there’s so much that goes on in the town around me, I’m never bored. The accommodation itself is a bit odd for me. We have five girls and one toilet room and one shower so we tend to bicker and get extra upset with each other over that. It’s nice having my own room, but I wish the doors wouldn’t slam so hard! These fire doors are the actual worst. I also wish there was more comfortable seating in the common area attached to the kitchen.


The location of Kelvinhaugh Street is very good as it is just a 15 minutes walk to school and a 30 minutes walk to Glasgow city centre. There is a laundry room for residents in Kelvinhaugh Street. As 5 people share a flat in Kelvinhaugh Street, we have experienced a wonderful social life here as we often chat in the common area and cook dinner together. The room is neat and tidy and is big enough.