Brooke House

22nd in Glasgow



I liked that we each had our own bathrooms, however the place was generally so unclean. We found loads of rubbish down the couches from precious years living there which was very disgusting as implies that they were not properly cleaned before a new year enters. The kitchen is very big which is nice however having 13 people live there is very unhygenic because people students don't tend to be the best at cleaning things. At least 6 people in my year never cleaned any of there things away and made it very difficult to live with even when we had a rotation of cleaning. 13 people sharing one kitchen is horrible.


Heating never worked, and wifi was always broken! Sharing a kitchen with 12 other people was disgusting. The bathrooms were wet rooms so always flooded, had to buy a mop for eveytime I showered and mop my bathroom floor so my feet didn't get soaked if I needed to use the toilet again. The rooms were tiny but there was loads of cupboard and drawer space which was good. The only good experience I had was making friends and living so close to the town centre.