The Ram Bar

166th in Nightlife
6th in Exeter

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18 November 2018

Great atmosphere, lots of places to sit for students to eat/hang around between lectures. Curly fries are famous on campus and pints are cheap. 10/10.

18 November 2018

Friendly staff at all times, good selection of food (especially the curly fries - they are to die for and not too expensive), drinks are of reasonable price (I.e. magners for £2.60), usually quite busy so great atmosphere. Music can be controlled by an app in which students can request songs

18 November 2018

The Ram has cheap drinks and a good atmosphere, showing most live sporting events. It gets busy during peak times - lunch and Friday/saturday nights Students get to choose music which is good. Decent location right in the centre of campus.

18 November 2018

Spend most of my uni week in the ram. Music is good as students can choose om sub tv. Food is good and good value and drinks are reasonably priced.

18 November 2018

Conveniently located, with a pleasant atmpsphere. However is probably the only pub un Britain where people queue in line for the bar due to the slow service. Decent selection of affordable beers, cidre's & ale's. Mediocre food, however curly fries are amazing. Salads are best avoided due to a lack of anything but salad. Overall a solid establishment and good Pub

18 November 2018

Great curly fries cheap booze good atmosphere. Shows lots of sport and busy when there's a big game

13 June 2018

Amazing Curley fries and chicken bites Oi satisfy all. Good prices on drinks, however cider seems to be slightly more expensive than other places such as gandys.

29 April 2018

Great campus bar. The drinks are very cheap and it’s a great place to go after lectures. However, during busy student hours can be hard to find a table. Also, the food menu doesn’t have a vary large variety of options.

23 April 2018

nice bar to go to on any night of the week. Just for a beer or before a night out. Always nice and drinks are cheap too!

2 March 2018

Great food at a very reasonable price, and good service. Always a friendly vibe and the perfect place to chill. However, need more veggie options so that a wider range of student are able to eat at the bar.

8 February 2018

Very good venue good night life, enjoyable place to be, great vibe In there and everyone is out for a good social friendly time

4 February 2018

It’s great, good beer, food, atmosphere and environment. Very student friendly. The music could do with being louder though.

21 January 2018

Really good curly fires at really decent prices. Good service staff and chilled vibe. Could do with having more seating available, other than that great

19 January 2018

Great place for a mid-lecture pint to soften up your existential dread that we soon have to go into the real world. Furthermore, they serve tequila at 10 in the morning, perfect for that post exam drowning of your sorrows. Serve pretty good food too.

19 January 2018

The RAM bar is a great student-run atmosphere. It has great food and drink for a decent price, my personal favourite is the chicken bites and curly fries basket meal. Throughout the week there are also events. Many societies and charities hold pub-quizzes there during the week and most large sporting events are shown on TVs and projectors.

19 January 2018

Top chicken bites and curly fries meal (only £3.99) , nice staff, cheap food, never enough mayonnaise. Not a mental night out

18 January 2018

Beautiful ?? Burgers are poor though to be honest they do t taste great at all unless you’re drunk, although I have to say, I do love the football.