Old Firehouse

5th in Nightlife
1st in Exeter

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2 December 2018

Great place, atmosphere is always lively every day of the week! The pizza is amazing and good value for money as it's big enough to feed like 3 people!!

2 December 2018

Good drinks and food, but so little space forced to stand waiting for tables at busy times Pizzas are very good and drinks are too - reasonable price for a very lovely ambiance

2 December 2018

Easily one of the best pizza places in Exeter, maybe even the world. You get a huge basket full of pizza, and the menu choice is amazing. Great drinks selection as well. The ciders they do are awesome. Great environment to go with either friends or family. Inside, there are 3 floors, each floor has a very cosy feel to it. Then there is an outside area which is also very relaxed. Often have live music on too. A great place and a must visit in Exeter

2 December 2018

Firehouse is such a cozy little place. If you fancy some really taste pizza and some chill vibes, maybe a pub quiz and some mean ale then this is the place to be.

2 December 2018

The atmosphere is great and feels very homely. the pizza is fantastic and for a cheap price also. The staff are very friendly. Although it can get very busy I enjoy it.

Valeria Perticucci
2 December 2018

Arguably the best place in Exeter, especially if you love pizza and cider (Great vegan options of pizza as well). The atmosphere is always great, whether you're there with friends, a society or on a date, it's always full and ambient.

2 December 2018

The Firehouse is one of the most famous pubs in Exeter, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't been before. It has the best pizzas I've tried in Exeter, and the pub quiz on the Monday is my favourite night out!

2 December 2018

Delicious pizzas but definitely only need one between 2. If you do that they are a great price too. Would recommend the cider selection. Generally nice cool atmosphere.

18 June 2018

Amazing pizza restaurant with really great value for money - huge portions so easy to share between two. Super cool atmosphere and late night service so very student friendly.

21 April 2018

Really fun atmosphere. Always very crowded though. Was nice to go the other day when everyone was in the sun at the quay haha. Pizza is great value for money as it is huge. However I find I can’t always eat more than three slices because it is so greasy and oily! But fine for sharing with friends on a night out. Drinks are very good value! Probably cheapest in Exeter except for the night clubs. However I am very sad that the house wine is frequently going up in price. I remember being at college and the lobo loco was six pounds a bottle!

16 April 2018

Great value for money and good selection of ciders and pizzas in a very cozy and pretty pub! Occasionally live music performances which is nice.

13 April 2018

Amazing pizza and great value wine and cider - so many varieties of cider it’s amazing! Can be difficult to get seating but it has an awesome atmosphere

3 April 2018

This place is the go to for any night honestly because of their pizzas and great drinks. There's a lot of seating, but they fill up pretty quickly on weekends.

14 March 2018

A friendly vibe every night of the week. With events such as music and quiz. Amazing pizza and loads of different flavoured ciders. What more could you want?

11 March 2018

There's loads of good bars that you can go to for a nice drink and a good laugh. There's lots to do so you're never bored on a night out

21 February 2018

I think the atmosphere was very good. It’s got a good bunch of people and a great dj when I was there. I smashed out some mad moves and made a myself a mad night.

31 January 2018

Decent location, tunes tend to be pretty good. Everyone's there to have a good time and it's not a complete chub-fest. Drinks are sometimes a tad steep but pretty par for Exeter. Yeah it's a goodun

21 January 2018

Firehouse is so cosy and offers such a close community vibe of students and locals. Live music played by students and local bands are a regular occurrence, known for its pizzas and craft beverages - could not recommend a a better pub!

21 January 2018

Great authentic place to get a drink with friends and have some food. The elderflower cider pitchers are not only great value but taste amazing. The pizzas are a cult classic in Exeter. Best of all, it’s open super late so you. Can even go there after a night out.

19 January 2018

The best place for good pizza, fairy lights and a chat over a multitude of cider flavours - hard pushed to find a table any night of the week

19 January 2018

Best pizza and cider in Exeter, really good atmosphere always busy. Only place to get decent food at midnight.

19 January 2018

Its a nice place, good food for a good price, wide variety of drinks.

18 January 2018

Brilliant atmosphere love the fairy lights and bunting, the cider and pizza is amazing. Roast dinners on Sunday are my favourite in Exeter.

18 January 2018

Old firehouse is one of the best place in Exeter. The pizzas are amazing and the staff is always welcoming. The only issue is that when you come at peak times be prepared to wait for 1hr or 2. But, this is a must go in town, good souvenir, good food and good music for sure.