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4 December 2018

Great intimate venue, perfect for an immersive underground music experience. Student-run nights draw a more friendly crowd than regular student clubs, with people attending for the music rather than ulterior motives, so the vibe tends to be good. Sound quality and lighting downstairs are generally high quality, although the bar lacks atmosphere when the venue isn't sold out; equally, it can be frustrating when the club is oversold, as when there is a big name playing, the downstairs doesn't have the capacity for the number of tickets sold. The new sofas are a very welcome addition, and the toilets have improved, but their condition is still sub-par and for some reason the upstairs toilets are rarely open, even when there are huge queues for the main ones. Security are generally respectful. The club lacks a proper smoking area - the space outside the club is often packed and there are no seats, and it sometimes closes way too early. Nevertheless, Move is my favourite nightclub in Exeter thanks to its excellent bookings and distinctive character.

4 December 2018

Went during freshers week as part of a wristband - getting in for free was the only good thing. Found it really difficult to locate. Toilets were really gross, especially women's. Can we suggest toilet seats? We were in and out in 10 minutes

4 December 2018

I usually have a fantastic night out at Move. They hold some quality events with some top names, which is impressive given Exeter's relatively tame night life scene. In my opinion, these events are also extremely good value for money. I have also noticed that for some bigger names, the night club stays open for extended hours- 4am. I absolutely love this concept as it shows that the club is very in touch with popular opinion. However, despite the positive atmosphere it often just gets too hot. This is understandable given the main acts are done in the basement, but it would be fantastic if they could improve the ventilation system.

4 December 2018

Good speakers, good clubbing music, cool venue but very very sweaty and quite far from city centre and most student accommodation

4 December 2018

Move is a place catagorically the people go who have a taste for something along the lines of drum and bass, techno or baseline. Depending on the event you can go to the dark tunnel can be a place of fond memories, with acts such as 24 hr garage girls and skepsis. However, although the venue amplifies the culture that kind of music brings (sweaty vibes), the people are not you usual. Lacking students a lot of the attendants appear to be locals, many who look as if they are rather young, and it is rarely full. The people that I have met there have often not been the type of people that I am use to meeting at these sort of events in London or Bristol.

4 December 2018

A superb venue for all upcoming and established DJs. Many student nights are hosted here throughout the week and you can find anything from Techno to Bassline to House going on inside. Superb sound system and lights and has that warehouse underground vibe that partygoers desire. The bar prices are acceptable for the local area and there is a seating area to chill if you ever get bored of dancing.

14 June 2018

One of the best nights out in exeter, its a fairly new venue but I will never miss a move x noughts and crosses night as the DJs are fantastic and drinks also not watered down. It is a bit small and stuffy but honestly doesn't even matter once you're in there.

29 April 2018

If you don't like being in a tight space, getting a bit sweaty and risk ruining your trainers then move isn't the place for you. However, if you love good hip hop music, techno music or even baseline and many more and love the rave aspect to a nightclub then move is your place. Underground, cheap and full of experiences.

22 April 2018

Move is a decent little venue down by the Quay. It's a little bit out of town but it's Exeters home of underground music. There's regularly good lineups with big names, drinks are reasonable and the staff are friendly. Can get a bit hot but that's what raving is about.

22 April 2018

the music is great and gives a really good atmosphere in this underground club, not bad priced drinks (but K2’s instead of VK’s)... also it gets VERY sweaty at times!

17 April 2018

Very good venue with good vibes. Good techno events which I like but would nice to have some more resident techno events for when there are no big acts, rather than drum and base. Never a big queue at bar which is good. Cheap tickets compared to other places that have the same acts playing which is great. Good way to meet students with same music taste.

12 April 2018

The atmosphere of the nightlife is very enjoyable however there’s only a few near by clubs around my uni, and not many people like spending a lot for taxis every week as money can be a problem. So therefore the nightlife is very busy and you usually see a lot of people from uni which can make it become crowded and busy to get to places, for example going out to eat, other than the tourists and people who just live near by is enough and I think they should have more local places like food or clubbing for people who do go to Exeter to have more options and for it to be a lot less busy during the night time

7 April 2018

Amazing atmosphere!! Not a generic club but that’s why I like it. They do great themed nights and get local DJs to do sets. If you like RnB hip hop, techno, dubstep, house this is the place for you.

4 April 2018

The best underground club in the city. Regularly hosts big DJs in a dark underground vibe. Drinks okay prices but the music is on point.

17 March 2018

Amazing club, with great local talent on offer and huge DJ’s from around the globe. Super friendly to students and cheap tickets for the acts on offer. Drinks reasonably priced and atmosphere isn’t one to be missed.

3 March 2018

For what it is move is everything you expect. As soon as you go into the main room you’re hit with an instant smell of sweat and dampness and heat is overwhelming. The bar staff are nice here but that cannot be said for the rest of the staff as I once got shouted at by one staff member who was stood behind the bar just for asking for some water cause apparently that wasn’t his job.

2 March 2018

Nice techno music and not too expensive! A bit too small but friendly environment. Located in a nice area of Exeter, close to the river!

2 March 2018

Good place for drumb and bass music but last time I was there no air con which made it a sweaty night but I’ve heard it’s veen fixed since then

22 February 2018

Underground club on the quay in Exeter, not too far from the city centre The vibe and DJs are amazing! Fans to keep you call No service on your phone so you have a phone internet detox and just enjoy the night Definitely recommend it

20 February 2018

Small and sweaty but decent music if u like heavy DnB stuff, top floors never used but bottom floor is

20 January 2018

Bit far away from everything. Good venue and great music. Im now just typing to get the minimum character limit up.

19 January 2018

Decent and wavy night every time! Only club you can get big names down in Exeter. Great place for decent music and great sound system!

19 January 2018

Move is an interesting venue as the underground-ness if it both adds and detracts appeal - it is sweaty as there’s no ventilation, but it is also a really cool underground vibe. It’s very student friendly, good prices, and the bouncers are friendly. There are many student led events that regularly gather a huge crowd - house music, student DJs etc. The venue is located outside of the town which affects its popularity slightly during the winter, but also makes it a more interesting night.

18 January 2018

Such an amazing night out, people are lovely and friendly, bouncers are all right, the bar staff are a bit rude and sexist but apart from that all good.