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Not too big not too small- the Goldilocks city! Everything is walkable but I wouldn’t reccomend for those looking for big night life!


Exeter is known for being a small town. We have a wide variety of shops when it comes to clothing stores and as a shopaholic I always find the variety I need, we also have a few unique shops down Gandy Street which you can’t find all over the country. The quay is a beautiful part of Exeter and I feel that students don’t go down there enough and stick to the main city without exploring. This is common for freshers but I feel second year students and especially third should try and appreciate the surrounding areas more. The main downside of our city centre is that we only have the smaller versions of shops for example Tesco Express/ Metro, and Sainsbury’s Local for main sources of food, as well as one slightly larger Sainsbury’s in the Guildhall as well as a decent sized Iceland. Further out there’s a massive Morrison’s which is great if you live near mount pleasant. The Lidl and Aldi stores are further out of town but are hardly any distance if you invest in a bike (highly recommend) Theoretically when people see that there is approximately 7 nightclubs they assume that it means it’s not very good. However not the case as it means that most of the nights specific clubs are assigned events and so the clubs are always packed and close at a reasonable time so you can get your cheesy chips and go to bed at a reasonable time so you still half function the next day. It means you never have the risk having an empty nightclub.

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