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25 November 2018

The location is the what makes the hall undesirable. It's so cold to have to walk from the hall to classess or bus stop, minimum 10 minutes . If the buildings are connected like the ones in Hong Kong or Singapore, walking would be a pleasure task everyday. The WiFi performance is unstable. Great lounge for people to meet up, some inconsiderate people party until midnight sometimes. The room was great, with wooden floor it's easily cleaned and managed.

3 April 2018

Very close to main buildings and good transport options however slightly outdated compared to most over halls on campus.

31 March 2018

Very close to campus and bus stop so a 20 min journey to city centre. Nice kitchen and sufficient rooms to live in.

11 February 2018

Good location, facilities small and uncomfortable bed and basic bathroom. Very close to the uni and a quick bus to get into town.