Student Union Bar

554th in Nightlife
16th in Bristol

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21 November 2018

Great little bar for the lot on campus and even worth a trek in. Not bad for a bit of sport when it's on either, and drinks are cheap which is top

20 November 2018

Really amazing , friendly atmosphere amazing dj and drinks all year round.It is a must go for university of the west of england students.

4 July 2018

Whilst they do reasonably cheap pints, especially around big sporting or political events televised, the atmosphere is a little clinical with the interior making it feel like an antisocial diner.

19 March 2018

The student Union bar is great because it's so cheap and always so busy. However they need to change the lock in's from Saturday night back to Tuesday night. Also pool balls are often missing which isn't great. Normal lock in's need more of a variety on the music they play.

24 January 2018

Freshers was sick af, was steaming every day and didn’t even get alcohol poisoning felt like a don and canny wait till next year. Now I want some free Johnny’s so I can get smashing ini. Also need some more characters in this review so I’m just writing random shit