Loft Durham

669th in Nightlife
7th in Durham

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Aaron Emberson
9 December 2018

Great DJs here and not too expensive. Expect it to be packed in here though! Bouncers are generally awesome (especially Mark!). A must when checking out Durham's nightlife!

9 December 2018

In my opinion, over-rated. It's very small - but instead of seeming intimate - it feels claustrophobic. Moreover, they are always reluctant to expand the available space into the neighbouring Studio, even when a ticket stipulates they will.

24 March 2018

it is so weird to think that i haven't gone since last week so i'm was a time of day for me i this valentine's evening is the day to go out and do something like this tomorrow morning and i was the night dinner was so good for you to go with us and then maybe that's why i didn't want you too drunk and you had a fun time and you were doing nothing to me and i is the time i is the night you want me i was the day i is a day to enjoy your weekend with me tomorrow and then go back together again thanks again and thanks again to my friends and i is that we all like to them like you said

Imogen Geoghegan
23 March 2018

I grew up going to clubs in massive cities and so know a proper club when I see one and Loft has never really compared. Every time I've gone it's had been too full to the point where one time I couldn't even move on the dance floor! The drinks are to expensive and even the toilets never have toilet roll (so if you do go take tissues unless your feeling lucky). The music is typically good though and it doesn't take too long to get in despite the long ques.

25 February 2018

An alright club with good music but the toilets are APPALLING! Some are missing doors. Some are blocked etc. and missing toilet paper. Very poorly managed. I have even paid £15 for an event where they haven’t even bothered to top up toilet paper??? Gross

16 February 2018

Very lively, and my favourite for a Wednesday night. Only bad is the music which ends up being quite repetitive

6 February 2018

Different from other clubs in Durham in that it doesn’t play the same music over and over again. Genre is usually hip hop and rnb which is a change from the usual cheesy pop music. Great value for money

5 February 2018

Only good on a Monday really. Unless you like clubbing to 'don't stop believin' by journey or the 'sound of music' sound track

26 January 2018

Always hot and sweaty - no air conditioning in this tiny room, barely a smoking area for relief. Hard to get served and crass music. But cheap enough, harder to lose people and sometimes joins with studio to form a maze.