Jimmy Allens

507th in Nightlife
3rd in Durham

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Party Vibe
Student Friendliness
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17 December 2018

Only good thing about it is it's free entry. Music is terrible and the exact same every night. Dance floor is ridiculously small and always hot and sweaty.

17 December 2018

Free entry good cheap bars decent dance area with good djs smaller than most places good night out closes at 2 same as anywhere in Durham

10 August 2018

Amazing value for money and is always full of students, but is WAY too packed imo. Music is usually just average but not many options in Durham so yeah, this works.

9 July 2018

Decent music but pretty dangerous, lots of stairways leading down from the dancefloor and always over capacity, meaning it's only a matter of time before someone falls

15 June 2018

Venue - good, lots of room, but can sometimes get very cramped and potentially dangerous. The bouncers need to keep note of how many people they are letting in as it can get too rowdy when very full. Friendly to students - very, 10/10, free entry is a huge bonus even though the drinks are more expensive. It is better to have free entry and more expensive drinks than the other way around. Music - generally good. Value for money - very good. Best club for value for money in Durham by far. Vibe - generally good but can get ruined by having too many people in there which makes people get aggressive. Location - very good, in the centre of town. Risky in a sense with it being next to the river but I have never heard of that being a problem.

18 April 2018

Free which is a plus for a spontaneous post-formal night out. Very crammed but get yourself a group of friends who form a wall around you and all is good.

13 March 2018

Very friendly to students, however quiet small. The atmosphere is very welcoming and makes you feel at home amongst strangers within the club.

8 March 2018

Could be described as a 'comfort club'- for those wanting a solid night out without much effort or hassle. Decent music, not the best but the crowd is always great so makes up for questionable music. N.b. The floor is grim avoid touching it

4 March 2018

£3 trebles. Woodgates. Filthy sweat dripping from the roof. 3 bars.60 seconds from paddys. Free entry if you need to pop in for a few more pre drinks. What more could you ask for?

27 February 2018

Free entry which makes is desirable to go to, always a fun night with good drinks but very crowded and sweaty

21 February 2018

Can either have an amazing or terrible night in Jimmys. Usually it is unbelievably crowded, sometimes dangerously so, to the point where you cannot move.

28 January 2018

Student bar, plastic cups, multiple floors, good music and good vibes. Nice location next to the river.

13 January 2018

Decent dance floor but gets packed, expensive-ish drinks made up for by free entry. Good music and easy to get to with any night being a Jimmy's night.

12 January 2018

Good spacing upstairs however, downstairs gets really really really crowded. This is not convenient in getting to the bar nor for dancing. Bouncers tell you off for standing on the sides. But really popular bar in Durham, great that it always is free, makes it an always popular night. The main nights are Friday and the weekend or any rogue night! Loved by socials. Good cheesy music and if you go you have to try a Johnny Woodgate. They used to have loads of vodka in but I think now it is just a double and a WKD. Go for the blue flavour it is the classic. Minimum on card is really annoying so make sure you take cash. Some nice bar staff let you leave your coat behind the bar which is good.