Fabio's Durham

323rd in Nightlife
1st in Durham

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3 January 2019

Good bar and club. Drinks on the expensive side for Durham but are always good with good cocktails on offer. Good vibe, good tunes with some great student run club nights.

3 January 2019

Good music, not too busy, and cheap cocktails! Also do a variety of more relaxed nights, such as jazz themed so there's something for everyone

3 January 2019

Plays pretty standard music and is a small venue, so can be really busy! Bouncers are friendly, the drinks seem to change price depending on how busy it is, but entry is free so not too expensive overall. Quite a different feel to most clubs but all in all a fun night out.

23 June 2018

Fabio's Bar is the place to go in Durham. Combining reasonably priced drinks, world class DJs and Hollywood lighting effects, a night here is a sensory overload. The venue is intimate yet spacious and the smoking area is a real treat.

19 April 2018

Great selection of cocktails and really nice music nights, including some different styles. Great college bands nights too. Not the biggest and dairly quiet before 11.

18 April 2018

One of the most popular students venues in Durham in a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Variety of music. Not the cheapest for drinks but is cheaper than majority of bars in Durham. Always has a good range of music.

11 April 2018

Really good cocktail range, the only place in Durham to get real manly priced cocktails. Very good for pre’s due to price of the drinks, however the atmosphere isn’t always lively, but as long as your in a crowd it’s fine. Good night life on a Saturday, probably the only decent place in Durham on a Saturday but you will find locals out due to it being a Saturday

6 April 2018

The venue provides different experience almost every day. They mix up the music regularly, the drink prices are affordable and they have free entry. Probably the most sure way of having a good night in Durham.

17 March 2018

Great music and overall vibe, nice cocktails which are pretty cheap too. Only issue is that it can get very busy or cramped making it hard to get a drink.

17 March 2018

Nuce venue and music. Mainly does cocktails (which are rly good) but they’re pretty cheap. Only issue is that it could be a little bigger in the sense that it can get cramped and v hard to get a drink when busy. Often has great themed party nights

4 March 2018

The location was easy to find, although there were quite a few stairs leading up to the venue. This could have been a problem for students who have a disability or injury. The pints in the venue were around £4 each which is a bit steep if I do say so myself, although it was a fun and friendly environment.

13 January 2018

More chilled out atmosphere compared to other Durham clubs, ideal for a couple of cocktails. Reasonable prices and nice staff