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Madhubani Ghosh

Actually, Cranfield's secluded environment is excellent for the kind of work and education culture that you'll be privy to once you're a part of it. The courses are pretty engaging and time consuming so you'll probably enjoy you're nights in after an entire day of hard work ;p.. There are loads of places to shop in Milton Keynes and Bedford with prices ranging from cheap like Primark to expensive. There are movie theatres is both places, pubs, gaming arcades, adventure sports, bowling alleys,etc. Travel does takes 40 to 45 minutes by bus but you get used to it quick enough. If you have you're own transport it takes much less time. If you want to take a cab when shared between 3 to 4 people it's very affordable in case you are returning late and there is no bus service available then between MK/Bedford and Cranfield uni/ village :) it is cheaper to cook than eat out but that depends on you're budget.. personally, cooking, gave me more options for a much less cost as the stuff you get in restaurants are pretty much the same as what you buy in stores. There are plenty of grocery stores in Bedford/MK and if you're in the village there is a Co-op which has the common things you might need and a Budgens on campus. Otherwise you can order groceries online in bulk with friends and they get delivered to you at your convenience if you don't wish to travel.


The university is in the middle of nowhere with really bad bus connections (even to the closest towns).