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62nd in Towns / Cities
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27 December 2018

Colchester is a good, but not great, place to shop. There is a wide range of the general shops you'd expect. In terms of things to do, Colchester castle is a must. The grounds are fantastic. You don't necessarily have to go in, so it can be a nice free activity. In terms of nights out, Atik is the only proper club. It is full of young people, mainly those who attend The University of Essex. It is a nice club but a little pricy due to it being the only one in the area. It is opposite a McDonald's which is never a bad thing either. Transport is good in Colchester. Buses are pretty good and the trains are direct to London in about an hour.

27 December 2018

Cheap train fares. Wide range of shops, but difficult to find your way around. A lot of restaurants available and coffee shops. Also, colchester castle is a beautiful place to visit, as well as the museum and the gardens surrounding it

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