Grosvenor House

4th in Chester


Laura Osborne

• Positives of living in a one bed studio fla: - You don't worry about living with people you have disagreements with. I personally am not one to have to wake up after a night out to the smell of stale alcohol and a dirty kitchen/ living space. And of course the responsibility of cleaning is shared between house mates, but in your own place you have no one to blame for mess but yourself. I love this about my flat- even though I'm not a clean freak my mess is mine and no one else's. - You get your own space to step away and focus/reflect when needs be. - Your food/ drink won't go missing. Housemates may borrow things here and there, which is perfectly fine, but I couldn't think of anything worse than coming home to cook and some of my ingredients are missing. For any future students with food intolerances accommodation (for me) rings alarm bells. To live on my own this year has given me the opportunity to make the best decisions for my diabetes and coeliac disease in my future studies. I have chosen to live with someone who respects my slightly different lifestyle and is proactive towards being a part of that; that's the support I need. - You still experience the student life. Living on your own in halls doesn't mean you're isolated. In freshers the students on my floor would socialise in the corridors • Negatives - It's easy to isolate yourself. Because you're in your own space it's easy to be drawn back from socialising. I'm not a big drinker so personally I've not spent as much time with my uni friends as I'd like to in this first semester, as students drink to settle in. - It is less homely. It's hard to find comfort without a bond created with housemates. These are your support network/ family you surround yourself with


Grosvenor house is a quiet and reserved hall. It is directly on campus meaning that getting to lectures is easy.


The studio flat i have is spacious and bright, was very pleased when i found out i had it. there are a few problems, often it can be easy to stay in your room, as there is no communal space other than the common room which is quite far away


Love these halls. Each room is a studio so plenty of room and a double bed. Nice to have a bathroom to myself and, being new, it is furnished well and looks lovely. Nice that the floors are split up into smaller corridors because of the shape of the building. However, if anyone is outside your room it is very loud and the gaps around the door stop any noise prevention. This is a problem because, as there is only one common room on the ground floor, people usually congregate in the corridors. Could do with more common rooms. Overall, one of the nicest hals I've seen.