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Cheltenham is a beautiful place to stay. Mix between city and country life. You have beautiful walks and views up the likes of cleeve with a lot of shopping and cool things to do in town. Amazing placd


Cheltenham is a great place to eat out and has a range of cafes, bars and restaurants that all serve a variety of foods, suiting every budget. There are a few quirky places that need to be experienced however one of my favourite is the Cosy Club, amazing food and a great atmosphere. Being from Bristol where the nightlife is huge, Cheltenham is a bit of a let down as there are not that many clubs or bars? however there are a few cocktail bars that have a nice vibe and pretty reasonable prices. I would recommended Vodka Revs for both food and drinks however they have recently updated their menu which they got rid of a few classics :( The racecourse is a big part of the city and apart from Race Week it is a really nice day out!

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