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19 March 2018

The rooms are a good size, quite large for a student room and in a 6-bed house, there is plenty of room in the kitchen however it can get overcrowded if there are several people using it at the same time. The kitchen and the bathrooms aren't really aesthetically pleasing and modern however they are cosy and give a more homely feel to the house. I like the fact that it is a separate village and has a laundrette and a shop, essentials close nearby ( a 2-minute walk from my house ) It feels like a very nice and close community where you know everyone in your house and people in your neighborhood. However, the bathroom isn't the cleanest as there have been traces of mold.

18 March 2018

Coming from a off campus accommodation where I've stayed during the first term Park Wood was a real upgrade. What I like the most is the fact that leaving in the halls you really are at the centre of the whole university life and experience, which helps especially if you're an exchange student. The social experience is much easier and so is walking to lecture.

5 March 2018

Generally nice house that was renovated recently to a good standard. Where I am Isn't particularly that social but in other parts there are often house parties, so the possibility to meet new people. Isn't so close to where I do my lectures but being the cheapest for accommodation I don't mind.

5 March 2018

I’m in a 5 bed house. Room is really big and comfy, plenty of storage. Kitchen is a bit small but manageable. It’s a bit of a walk from main campus but it’s a nice walk, and parkwood itself is a really nice place to live

4 March 2018

Alright location 10-15 minutes walk from central campus. Had it’s own Essentials shop to buy things such as food, utilities etc instead of going into town. Found it easy to socialise as you saw the same familiar faces. The halls itself was very nice a lot of storage and personal space.

4 March 2018

The Parkwood Houses were lovely to live in they had a lot of storage it was like living in your house at home. Location was a good 10-15 minutes walk from central campus. It also had its own shop if you needed anything instead of going to town or central campus. Living in Parkwood I found it easy to socialise as you more or less saw the same people walking around most of the time.

3 March 2018

Nice rooms, decent size and well renovated. The kitchen is really big and has lots of storage. However we have had a lot of maintenance problems, especially with heating and the quality of the showers is not very good. Aside from that, the student village experience is very good and the houses are very social.

27 February 2018

I really like living in parkwood because despite it being referred to as the ghetto of Kent university, it really is actually super social, amazing value for money and conviently close to places like essentials (the local shop) and the sports facilities. Also my room is huge , bigger than the rooms in both Keynes and Turing - so all in all parkwood has a really homely community feel which makes it very easy to connect with people especially in first year !

23 February 2018

The rooms are well sized and cosy however they are a bit outdated and a lot of doffeeent things go wrong quickly however the repairs team reacts quickly and are super friendly as well as the close by facilities of the shop and the laundry. The laundry needs to be improved but is of a decent quality. It is by far the friendliest part of campus and everyone is very nice and considerate of other people’s feelings. However the WiFi is very poor in the rooms.

22 February 2018

It’s not the most modern or the nicest, however, it is the cheapest and has a really good community spirit

10 February 2018

Too sleek, but the house is quite spacious and rooms are decently sized, walls are a disgusting colour however, more thought into colour schemes. Walls are also way too thin and noise from other housemates travels very easily. The layout of the houses outside and general feel of Parkwood is like a rough neighbourhood, not entirely comfortable about that part.

29 December 2017

Although it’s far from the main campus, it’s a nice walk and a good location. The houses are really nice. I’m in a 5 bed house - the kitchen couldn’t be slightly bigger, it’s a bit cramped, but it’s nice to have my own space rather than on a floor with loads of other people

29 December 2017

Slightly off campus but it's not a bad walking distance. Lypeatt is probably the easiest to live in as it's closest to the shop/laundry/campus

28 December 2017

Very nice community, clean houses but could be refurbished. Cleaners came sometimes so that could be fixed to make them come more regularly.

28 December 2017

Housing set up is fully engaging for all students. With up to 15 houses per court area, it's almost impossible not to become affiliated with your (court) mates. Just being a brisk 15mins max walk from main campus and being a hell lot cheaper it's a no brainer!

28 December 2017

Cheapest accommodation on campus. It’s not very spacious but very friendly. You get to know your housemates and neighbours very quickly

28 December 2017

It’s great, lots of space in the house, 1 shower and 2 toilets. Rooms is big and it’s a big community

18 November 2017

Parkwood is pretty, essentials shop close and quick walk to campus. Nice sized rooms for the price and a good student vibe.

16 November 2017

Was a really nice house. Many of the different courts are renovated so are really nice and clean & comfortable. More than enough storage space and the bathrooms are nice