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18 November 2018

Quite expensive for rather small rooms. Noise tracrks easily through the Walls. Kitchen is big but doesn't facilitate 6 people everyone wants to eat. Great socisk experience as it's a good community. also close to bus stop and new store.

18 November 2018

Not the best, but if you're paying £4.5k a year it's definately worth it. It is unfortunate, however, that I am paying the same price as a refurbished 5 house, even though my house (or my court) is not even refurbished. The difference, I have found out, is that the kitchen for the unrefurbished houses seem bigger, but the refurbished has better tables, chairs and other items. What I don't particularly like about my accommodation is that there's no common area, just a kitchen. Not only is the kitchen too small for 'house parties' (this is made up by the backyard) there is no common room to even hold all five of my housemates. This makes is hard to 1. cook and 2. socialise with my housemates. My room, in my opinion, is the best thing in my accommodation. Although the bed is a spring mattress and the most uncomfortable bed i've ever slept on, it's a decent size and would be better if i had a mattress topper. There's more than enough storage space in each of the rooms and the complementary travel mug was honestly a good touch. All in all, considering everything (price, location, and everything in between) i would give my accommodation a 7/10

18 November 2018

The rooms in the Parkwood houses are amazing. They're spacious, clean, and all have great views. They're currently under renovation for new kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Great community atmosphere you don't get living on main campus, it's far enough to not feel overwhelmed by uni but close enough it takes barely any time at all to get to classes or the library. Its situation close to the university medical centre has also proven to be useful more than once. The construction of a new Parkwood hub that includes everything from a shop and a bar to dance studios and rooftop seating I think makes Parkwood my favourite place on campus.

18 November 2018

Really nice area of campus but is ruined by the complete lack of social spaces. Kitchens in 5 bed houses are barely big enough to fit everyone in. Big of a trek from some parts of campus but lights are on all night so good for walking back. Fair amount of storage space in the rooms

18 November 2018

The location was lovely, like living in a mini village of students. The walk to campus was quick, and I liked not being into of everything so noise wasn't an issue. I lived in the 6 bedroom house, which was spacious and had large areas you could gather socially. Room provided enough storage for a student room, and was bigger than I'd hoped. Sink in the room meant you didn't always have to wait for people to shower to brush your teeth. A nice social area as everyone back doors lead to the same patches of grass so could easily go and join others and meet your neighbours.

18 November 2018

It has a very convenient location and in general it's quite nice, but unless you're staying in the updated accommodation then your house is gonna have a load of problems.

18 November 2018

I stayed on campus for 2 years and stayed in parkwood houses both years, the first year the house was great, freshly decorated, modern and functional space. Only downside was the kitchen wasnt a very social space as there weren't any comfy places to sit. The parkwood area was a great place to live very social, close to main campus and had the safety of campus security. Second year, all the pros of the area still existed but they house had not been renovated in a long time so was very old looking. My room was dark and and the decor was gross, kitchen was actually more social but much much smaller.

18 November 2018

Overall very nice accommodation, the facilities are good and the rooms were very modern with a large kitchen shared between 6. I shared a bathroom with one other which was very practical and worked. However, as it is a court of houses its not as social as halls. Also it was quite far from the washing machines and slightly out of the way of main campus.

18 November 2018

I lived in a 5 bed renovated parkwood house. My bedroom was lovely, freshly decorated with plenty of storage. It's a short 10/15 minute walk from campus and a couple of minutes from the shop 'essentials' and now the newly opened woodys bar and social space. The downpoints of my halls of residence were the the kitchen was very small for 5 people and we only had one fridge, definitely not enough room for more than one person to cook at a time. The other issue is that some of the 5 bed parkwood properties have been recently renovated and some have not (and are considerably less nice) , but they both cost the same. So you just have to hope for a renovated house. Overall it was a nice and handy place to be for my first year of study

8 July 2018

It was a really nice atmosphere as it felt like a community - I really enjoyed living in houses as opposed to flats, as that felt more like home to me. Our house was quite outdated as it was one of the last to be renovated, so we didn’t have any of the mod cons. There were actually safety concerns about the older houses and one house did catch alight, which was scary. The students’ bedrooms were destroyed so they had to be housed elsewhere. I do think they should have prioritised the renovation of park wood in order to avoid something like that. Overall, it was a nice vibe but the houses themselves weren’t much to write home about. Also the ovens STANK so you had to wear ‘cooking clothes’ and change every time you were in the kitchen. Everyone could tell if you lived in park wood because you smelt bad, which was embarrassing. Also, no living room so no space to socialise with housemates (unless yo wanted to smell like cooking!)

Emily Elmore
7 July 2018

Such a fun place to live, always house parties going on, pretty decent little houses, not bad room sizes. Tiny kitchens but enough for having lots of people round for pre drinks still. Wi-Fi not great.

21 June 2018

I loved staying in Parkwood, considering it is the cheapest option the room was nicely furnished and it's quite nice being in a mini student village. The biggest drawback in my opinion is that the kitchen is only small so there isn't a nice community space to bond with your housemates!

20 June 2018

Absolutely amazing for socialising, the location is stunning and nice areas to walk round, houses are really nice and feel more homely than other accommodation

20 June 2018

Firstly, I must start off by saying that living in parkwood houses has most definitely been an EXPERIENCE!! But I can honestly say that I have no regrets about living in parkwood. Although, there’s plenty of jokes made about parkwood being ‘off campus’ (because it takes like 6/8 mins to get to main campus, obvs depending where in parkwood you’re situated) it feels like it’s its own little town or village. Can’t lie, freshers week is one of the most scariest times in uni (besides exams lol) but living in the houses made that a lot easier. Because we’re in the houses and not flats there were LOADS of house parties every night and because we have lovely green garden spaces everything is outdoors so you can legit hop through like 3 house parties in a night and meet new people. It’s hsrder to host things in the flats around campus because you need fobs to access the kitchen areas, so people from all over campus were coming to parkwood houses during freshers. Everyone leaves their kitchen doors open during freshers so you can literaly just pop into someone’s kitchen and chill with them and that’s how you build connections. The rooms are decent sizes if I do say so myself, there’s lots of walking space (but if you get one of the really old parkwood houses then yeah that’s not the case) but if I could re-do my first year I’d defo still stay in parkwood houses. Absolutely loved it

19 June 2018

Park wood is really nice, location is amazing. Surrounded by trees which gives a nice relaxing atmosphere in times of stress. Facilities are well maintained. Socials are great, people are really friendly and had an amazing experience.

19 June 2018

Stayed in Purchas Court first year, house was a decent size and rooms wasn't bad for student accommodation. Helped that everyone in the flat got on.

13 June 2018

Location is great because you’re close to main campus but off of it enough to enjoy the times of quiet, as well as the nature surrounding it. Facilities are good, everything you’d want and expect. Made a great friend with one of my house mates. And my room was comfortable and big enough to have everything you wanted.

9 June 2018

Silverfish infestation, cleaners unreliable, broken oven which burns everything instantly, cheap microwave which had to be replaced 4 times this year, broken shelf in room, loud neighbours playing music at all hours. Good riddance parkwood

3 May 2018

I lived in one of the six bed houses and I did not really enjoy my experience there. Overall I feel like the house was really old fashioned especially compared to the more renovated 6 beds. The kitchen was pretty small and there were silverfish in the toilets. The carpets and decor were not attractive. The dining table did not have enough chairs for everyone. However, the cleaning ladies were really nice and were a saving grace as my housemates were very messy. I did manage to make a lot friends as the area is quite communal and I was pretty close to campus as well.

3 May 2018

The location of my halls was perfect. I was a 1 or 2 minute walk away from the local shop and bar. I was a 5/10 minute walk from central campus. The facilities were good too. I had two showers in my house, a spacious kitchen, and 6 bedrooms. The house was very modern also which I liked. The social experience was amazing as the park wood houses are all within walking distance of each other so it’s very easy to make friends and meet people. My room was very modern, although it was a single bed it was spacious and I had a desk and many drawers for storage space.

21 April 2018

Although the houses always seemed sooo much further away than the other accommodation-it really is only a 10 minute walk! And the walk to campus along the Parkwood path is so stunning in the summer and autumn! The facilities were okay-the kitchen in my 5-bed was too small really for us all to sit in. But the social experience totally made up for it! I made so many friends both in and around the house. There were lots of outdoor parties so people from all around came along-it became a real community

18 April 2018

Parkwood is located on campus, about five to ten minutes away from the centre of campus. It’s the cheapest accommodation but allows for the best parties and socialisation. It gets cleaned once a week and all of my best pals at uni that I meant in parkwood at still my best pals now.

13 April 2018

The rooms are nice but the kitchens are teeny. It isn’t very social but I guess that depends on who you end up living with. There is also no social area whatsoever.

20 March 2018

Amazing!!! The new renovation meant i moved into a brand new house with modern furniture. Everything was very spacious, we had a lot of storage space and two ovens which was helpful when we all needed to cook. The bedroom itself was also modern and spacious and had plenty of room for my stuff and studies.