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18 November 2018

Not the best, but if you're paying £4.5k a year it's definately worth it. It is unfortunate, however, that I am paying the same price as a refurbished 5 house, even though my house (or my court) is not even refurbished. The difference, I have found out, is that the kitchen for the unrefurbished houses seem bigger, but the refurbished has better tables, chairs and other items. What I don't particularly like about my accommodation is that there's no common area, just a kitchen. Not only is the kitchen too small for 'house parties' (this is made up by the backyard) there is no common room to even hold all five of my housemates. This makes is hard to 1. cook and 2. socialise with my housemates. My room, in my opinion, is the best thing in my accommodation. Although the bed is a spring mattress and the most uncomfortable bed i've ever slept on, it's a decent size and would be better if i had a mattress topper. There's more than enough storage space in each of the rooms and the complementary travel mug was honestly a good touch. All in all, considering everything (price, location, and everything in between) i would give my accommodation a 7/10

13 April 2018

The rooms are nice but the kitchens are teeny. It isn’t very social but I guess that depends on who you end up living with. There is also no social area whatsoever.

19 March 2018

The rooms are a good size, quite large for a student room and in a 6-bed house, there is plenty of room in the kitchen however it can get overcrowded if there are several people using it at the same time. The kitchen and the bathrooms aren't really aesthetically pleasing and modern however they are cosy and give a more homely feel to the house. I like the fact that it is a separate village and has a laundrette and a shop, essentials close nearby ( a 2-minute walk from my house ) It feels like a very nice and close community where you know everyone in your house and people in your neighborhood. However, the bathroom isn't the cleanest as there have been traces of mold.

3 March 2018

Nice rooms, decent size and well renovated. The kitchen is really big and has lots of storage. However we have had a lot of maintenance problems, especially with heating and the quality of the showers is not very good. Aside from that, the student village experience is very good and the houses are very social.

22 February 2018

It’s not the most modern or the nicest, however, it is the cheapest and has a really good community spirit