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1st in Cardiff

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18 November 2018

Live lounge is busy with a good vibe every night of the week! Drinks are ridiculously cheap during power hour and not super expensive outside of that! Bouncers can be annoying

18 November 2018

Live Lounge power hour is the perfect place for students ! From 9-11 on sunday to thursday you can enjoy a live band and the cheapest drinks. Only £1 VKs, singles and wine. It has the best atmosphere and is always full of students singing along and dancing. It has free entry and is open until 4 meaning it's a cheap night and even after power hour finishes the drink prices are still so cheap compared to other places. Live Lounge is honestly one of my favourite nights out in Cardiff!

18 November 2018

Live lounge is my favourite place in Cardiff. The live music goes on until 12 and is always a good time. After 12 they play lots of classics. The bar staff are really friendly and there is a great selection of drinks at great prices also!

18 November 2018

Great venue, always a favourite for a spontaneous or planned night out. Drinks prices are great. Sometimes the playlist can get a bit boring- would be good to change it up more often

18 November 2018

Lively bar with live band playing until midnight so good for anyone who enjoys that type of atmosphere. Also do a happy hour in which VKs are £1 (good selling point for any Cardiff Uni student). Then after the live band finishes their set, the atmosphere picks up even more and it turns into the go-to nightclub in Cardiff for when students need a break from the SU on a Wednesday and a Saturday. Overall, the perfect night out for students!

18 November 2018

Excellent place to visit, always open late and the live music is always good and especially with free entry. The food is welsh and excellent, cheap drinks and excellent value for moneyZ

18 November 2018

The Live Lounge has the cheapest drinks around, especially during happy hour (which lasts longer than an hour thank goodness). The atmosphere is always friendly and there is always a good playlist.

18 November 2018

Best night out in Cardiff. Drinks are cheap, entry is free, music is uniquely classic and vibe is amazing.

18 November 2018

Cheap drinks (a free cocktail on your birthday!), free entry, good atmosphere and great live music. Perfect for a social night out with your friends or flatmates

18 November 2018

Never not had a good night here at live lounge, always amazing music, reasonable prices drinks and friendly yet lively atmosphere. Come here a lot with friends but also have come along with family and everyone has loved it!! Highly recommend

18 November 2018

Drinks sold for a cheap price and has specials on certain days making them even cheaper. The bar staff are friendly and the music is varied for all sorts of individuals with a variety of tastes.

18 November 2018

If you're looking for the best student night out in Cardiff filled with iconic hits, cheap drinks and live music, Live Lounge is the place for you. Entry is free and the atmosphere is so much better than the large chain clubs.

8 August 2018

Great atmosphere no matter what day of the week. Drinks are cheap with happy hour lasting till 4am Sunday - Thursday! Always guaranteed to have a good night in there.

8 July 2018

Live Lounge has a great atmosphere, and with free entry and some of the more reasonable drink prices in Cardiff is an ideal location for a Student night out. The music is very varied for better or worse, but can always be guaranteed then many a banger will be played on a night.

25 June 2018

Place to be. Always got offers on, power hour is a blessing. Great music, great atmosphere and the staff are lovely too.

21 June 2018

Cheap drinks, great tunes (mostly indie/classics), free entry. Often attracts the locals and can get very busy, but always the most fun and friendly. No dress code, could turn up in PJs if you want. Bouncers are great too

21 June 2018

Power hour is the most dangerous thing going. All drinks half price till 11pm, what more could you wang

16 June 2018

It is a fun night out, with good music, a good crowd and a nice atmosphere. However the drinks could be cheaper and it is rather crowded at times.

10 June 2018

Every time I’ve been to live lounge it has been an amazing night and I have enjoyed the night from the live music to the alright prices on alcohol. Some of my best memories have been in live lounge and the bouncers are class.

2 May 2018

Always have good atmosphere and music... cheap drinks and good nightlife through the early mornings. The venure can get sticky but it happens every other bar aswell.

26 April 2018

Live lounge is easy to get to and has one if the best atmospheres in Cardiff. It is a proper student sesh and has been said to ruin many lives but you still go back every night for some more. Free entry and alright prices for drinks but by 4 in the morning you don't really care. 10/10. I'll see you there. Every night.

23 April 2018

Such a good night out. Cheap drinks, not too crowded ans grey music. Plus free entry and not that far from Dorothy’s chippy

22 April 2018

We go here every time we go out because of the £1 drinks until 11! Then we decided whether we want to stay there or go somewhere else! We love it!

18 April 2018

Bloody brilliant, basically a second home at this point. Bit shit that they changed happy hour but I’m not going to stop going...