Penny Theatre

126th in Nightlife
2nd in Canterbury

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2 December 2018

Good drinks deals with friendly staff. They do special canned cocktails that are good fun and tasty. The food is also very good and affordable.

2 December 2018

Good atmosphere and good themes each night with really good deals eg the 4 tins for £10 and karaoke and hot wings nights v good value for students

2 December 2018

Nice venue. The atmosphere is chilled and friendly. Students are welcome and it is mostly students there. Decent music, though it is very subtle and more in the background. Has a wii to play mario kart in one room which is good to do while drinking with a few mates. They have a few good nights were you can get food cheap. Chicken wings for 25p each on wednesdays for example. They also do 25p pancakes, however they add on 50p per topping so this isn't quite as good as the chicken wings. Occasional karaoke nights are fun. The location is a bit out of the centre but only a short walk from the bus station and easy to find. Food in general is nice. Alcohol is not the cheapest place but also not too expensive, especially if you go for cocktails on karoake night when they are only a £3. They are can cocktails though so not as big as normal. They show some sports events. These include boxing, football and rugby. They also have cocktail nights with £3.50 cocktails. Other occasional events such as quizzes which are fun.

2 December 2018

The venue is good and the location is great. Close to the town and halls. Sports teams from CCCU are at the penny theatre for socials. The atmosphere is great on these nights. The good is good and prices are low. The entertainment is good, DJ karaoke etc.

18 June 2018

There is always something happening at the penny; karaoke, deals on food or bands performing making the atmosphere perfect for students who want a night out with food. Food at the penny is relatively cheap and the portions are larger than normal, therefore perfect for students on a budget! There is also a huge variety of drinks suited to everyone’s personal taste.

15 June 2018

Staff incredibly friendly and I love the themed evenings that give different offers every night like 25p chicken wings Wednesday and £3 cocktails £6 cocktail pitcher on Saturdays! :)

9 June 2018

First things first you will be lucky if you find this jewel in your first year because it is quite out of the way. If you are a bus user, then Google maps will probably get you there with minimal walking involvedbut if, like me, you rely on your feet to get places, get ready for a confusing trip til you get your head around how the city works. At the edge of town, close to a large Sainsbury's and an amazing Turkish restaurant, Penny Theatre is perfect for a pub night with a large group of friends. Different from your typical spoons, the place has character, with board games, pool tables and friendly staff. Not only that, but they have many music nights, some so good that you actually pay to attend! The beer garden is large, in fact the pub is one of the largest in Canterbury and you can always book a table for you and your mates. But the best thing last, they have amazing deals all week long! From 3pound cocktails on a Saturday night to 3pound chicken wings it truly is the students' dream come true. Cannot recommend enough.

29 April 2018

At the first year of uni I lived very close to penny theatre but for some reason hardly ever went. Now I go at least once or twice a week. I enjoy the variety of events. My friends love to go watch the local bands play there. Music isn't really my thjng so I prefer going to the quiz which is always busy - although have never won. Food and drinks are reasonably priced.

27 April 2018

Amazing place, good vibes, cocktails are decent, I went to watch a champion's league game and the atmosphere was friendly. Outside area is quite large and serves as a cool smoking area. Overall great place.

13 April 2018

Honestly one of my favourite bars ever. staff and food are amazing!! lovely garden in the summer and good deals! not directly marketed towards student so you get a good mix of people which is always nice! And plenty of event throughout the week

7 April 2018

The penny theatre is an amazing retro funky bar that is made for students. Their drinks are unique to the bar, such as buckets of cocktails and cocktails in a car, and are very well priced. The venue is decorated playfully and there is plenty of space so it never feels too overcrowded. There is an event on every night which also entails drink deals. For example, they do karaoke and retro gaming night that has £3 cocktails. They also do amazing food and snaks at amazing deals dependent on the night, 25p Cheros and chicken wings for example.

20 February 2018

Really good place for drink and food. Friendly staff. Good events. Food and drink is a little pricey for students, but still good quality. Pool and ping pong Could do with a jukebox-would be a nice touch

12 February 2018

Fairly good prices, good atmosphere and nice smoking area. Good for watching sports and overall interesting place to drink.

Nicole Benjamin
15 November 2017

Amazing atmosphere, cheap and great food, really good social hangout before heading out to the clubs or just to chill out. Also everyday there is a different event, especially love Sunday pub quiz with a different theme every week. Also the staff is really friendly and helpful.