The Loft

576th in Nightlife
6th in Canterbury

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Value for Money
Party Vibe
Student Friendliness
Music & Entertainment


18 November 2018

It was really fun.I met a lot of new friends and the music was great.The vibe was great and i believe it is the best nightclub in Canterbury right now.

14 April 2018

Very diverse and the music is good. Maybe expanding the smoking area a bit so as it’s not too crowded

20 February 2018

Great night out. Friendly staff. Small but big atmosphere. Free shots. Great music. Floors a bit sticky. What do you expect haha. Close to town. Small selection of spirits. The bouncers were so friendly and really made you feel welcome. Will deffo be going back!

15 November 2017

It was too expensive and a lot of people were doing drugs in the toilets. The music was only edm after advertising a range of music. It wasn't a fun night and it was £7.50 for a vodka coke. such a disappointing night. The manager was extremely rude and was taking our drinks of the side and when we complained she said oh well shouldn't leave them on the side then... But there isn't many tables so there isn't anywhere to leave them.