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19 November 2018

The Cuban is one of the nicest venues in Canterbury, however it is quite small so space Is a big issue when busy. The DJ's are quite good and the price of entry is affordable. It attracts mainly students and accommodates to them well.

19 November 2018

The music at Cuban I would say is good and compared to all the other clubs in Canterbury Cuban is my preferred night out. But I only go to Cuban Thursdays or Mondays I find these to be the best nights. However if the second floor is not open I do not enjoy my night as much and sometimes the two floors play the same song at the same time, a variety would be nicer. The atmosphere on the second floor is better, but the club is quite small. Also, some staff members are rude as well as, the security!

19 November 2018

The music and atmosphere was great, and the drink prices were decent however it's really busy and takes a while to be served.

19 November 2018

The Cuban is one of the best Clubs in the Canterbury. Very good music, a lot of drink options and friendly staff

19 November 2018

A student night at cuban usually has such a good atmosphere, good drink deals and music but are always far too busy! They let too many people in and it just becomes so uncomfortable.

11 August 2018

The Cuban is great because it provides modern day music which is easy to dance and sing along to. There are two floors so you can chose which music you want to listen to and there is also a lovely terrace. The Cuban is located in the centre of the city so is very easy to get to but the only down fall is that drinks are very expensive (I would argue that this wouldn’t be a problem BUT you also have to pay entry on the door). Overall I would recommend!!

5 July 2018

it ok but get very over crowded when busy and a a lot of creepy locals on the weekend but it has a nice bar feel even thought it is a club and its cool it has an upstairs just wish drinks were cheaper at events

26 June 2018

Like the vibe. The student nights before were better though. Loved when drinks were £1. £1.50 to £2 is not so bad. Needs to be a cheaper night out and more diverse music though

15 June 2018

First time i went to cuban.i thought it qas shit but i went again and i thought cuban was so lit and workers are friendly. Dj plays banging songs i love cuban and i meet with new people

11 June 2018

Small, expensive but always a laugh! Student nights are good though and worth the money and the special events they hold are always very busy but good! Always recommend Cuban to everyone as the musics always worth it as has a variety for everyone!

1 May 2018

Spacious and has great events. Facilities need to be more cleaner. The venue was quite cute and was student friendly

29 April 2018

The atmosphere is very nice and relaxing which makes environment to be in, also the drinks are great and not too expensive, nice decor

28 April 2018

It’s a good club but it’s far too small for the amount of people they let in on a Thursday night. Instead of dancing on the bottom floor it’s more like a mosh pit. But good music and nice venue.

28 April 2018

This has to be one of the best clubs in town! From the moment you walk into cuban, the atmosphere will take you away and you'll just want to let loose and enjoy. It's s small club, but has two floors open and the music is diverse; specialising between pop and urban hits. They accommodate for students in many ways; cheap drinks, free entry before 11pm on Thursdays..etc. It's such a fun and vibey atmosphere and it's great value for money! If you're studying in Canterbury, you have to visit The Cuban.

Kanchana Somboon
27 April 2018

I personally had a great experience here with my friends from university, but although I find that it's good for university students I would say that it is not suitable for mature age-group. (But if you think you can handle the rave - keep reading!) The venue is always packed so if you're looking to meet new people it is ideal. As for the music - it depends on the event so I recommend checking their social media pages for the latest update on which DJ is gonna hit the set. The entrance fee is FREE before 10 PM and I believe it's £5 after. The cloakroom also charges a small fee per item (I think I paid just over a pound but I am not entirely sure). The drinks are not cheap - but it's pretty much the same everywhere (pre-drink is essential!!!!!). I've seen quite a few horrible reviews about the workers but I personally had a great experience at the bar - the bartender was super friendly and attentive. Also, since it is located right in the middle of the high street, if you're into the "post-clubbing feast" (AKA McDonald's or Kebab) is super convenient. ;)

24 April 2018

Cuban usually has great music and is open Mondays when most other clubs aren't. It tends to get absolutely packed and the drinks aren't the cheapest but when it has all 3 floors open it's a great night out!

17 April 2018

The place is overpriced, unfriendly, weird as hell and full of the creepiest dudes you'll find in Canterbury. Someone I know got stabbed with a syringe there. Maybe it's just not my thing

16 April 2018

I had amazing nights there! It was really fun.The atmosphere is wonderful and there are unique parties there. Everyone have fun,dance and you can meet many new friends.

11 April 2018

It’s Farley friendly, when there are events on its fun to go to. However drinks are very expensive and it is a really small venue. therefore it gets really cramped

11 April 2018

The Cuban is a great venue that consists of 2 floors and a ‘barn’ that all play different genres of music. The first floor is current chart and cheesy music, the second floor is predominantly r&b/hip hop type music and the barn is 80s classics. The djs in Cuban often take song requests or shoutouts which is good especially if you go there for an occasion. There are private tables that you can rent out which mean that older students tend to enjoy the club as well and younger ones. The drinks in Cuban are on the pricey size £8 for a double spirit mixer, however on some night like events their drinks are cheaper. Generally the students who go there are lovely and there is a nice atmosphere. There is also a smoking area on the first floor and WiFi! Cuban Thursdays is a large event and it is generally its busiest then

7 April 2018

Depending on what night you go depends on how good it is. If you go on a Thursday then it’s cheap drinks which is good but it is so crowded you can’t dance or anything you just stand around. If you go on a Friday or Saturday the drinks are really expensive but there’s less people and both floors are open allowing you to dance. The main dance floor downstairs is so misplaced though because you have to walk through it to get to the toilets and to the smoking area.

3 April 2018

The Cuban is a fun club in the city centre of Canterbury. Events are fun and there is always good music and atmosphere! On Thursdays they have a student night with special discounts on drinks and the photographer around the venue taking pictures which is nice!

22 March 2018

It's a cool bar witth 2 sections which play different kinds of music. Upstairs is more like rnb, rap, afrobeat and stuff, downstairs is just rave, but I don't like it much downstairs because of that. It is a nice space and it has a garden but the inside rooms can get a bit too packed on the venues. The drinks are good but could be a bit cheaper.

6 March 2018

Good club with decently priced drinks. Events are usually good, especially Cantechno. Love the above floor and the smoking area is nice and spacious. Could work on the WiFi signal however. The staff are usually friendly, shout-out to my boy Leo!